Old Diary

Over the Top

July 12I love driving the North Shore of Lake Michigan, especially the Easternmost section from Naubinway to St. Ignace where you spend a lot of time right alongside the lake.  After three days of ideal weather we started off the day with intermittant drizzle which went to drizzle as the morning progressed and finally partial clearing.

It’s stunning to drive across the Mackinac Bridge — eve in bad weather.  I’ve done it in a car, in a semi, in a semi with a wide load, lumbering at a snails pace while cars zipped around me; in the snow, in the heat, in the fog, on clear days and no matter when I find myself there I am amazed at the skill of men to have created such practical beauty.  But mostly, I’m find my breath taken away as the sheer beauty.


shot the day before in the clear, sunny skies!

It’s an easy day’s drive from the straits of Mackinac to Green Bay, so a few stops along the way just to enjoy the natural beauty are always welcome.

In Green Bay we returned to a hotel we’ve visited before.  No bug surprises there.

I needed a pizza fix and we’ve never eaten at any of the Old Chicago chain.  I’m not usually in a hurry to patronize chain restaurants if I’m aware that’s what they are, but this was OK.  I like a crispy thin crust and their hand tossed pie wasn’t particularly thin, or crispy but it was tasty and the overall price for the meal was fair.  I wont be in a hurry to return to any of their other locations but it was an ok meal.

Tomorrow we have a mere 130 miles back home so it’s an easy day.