Old Diary

The Best Battle Plan is Never Firing A Shot

Too little attention has been paid to the fact that Vladimir Putin is a former KGB intelligence officer.  “And in the other corner” we have… what do we call him, a “failed business man”?   After all he has managed multiple bankruptcies, 3500 lawsuits and a string of lies.

In a parallel series of thoughts I have been thinking about the way that the best military strategies are those that achieve a victory without having to fire a shot:  if you can weaken your opponent to the point that they cannot or will not fight back that is an outcome greatly to be desired.  The Chinese and the Russians in particular are often spoken of as playing a long game, and not being obsessed with short-term success.

Whatever it is that the Russians have over Trump — even if it’s just the fact that they hold billions in his banking debts because American banks don’t trust him any longer — Trump has been more interested in appeasing the Russians and other dictators than he has been in building a governing coalition here at home.

Imagine if you are the Russians and you see all of NATO aligned against you.  You see the economic power of the G7 willing to hold your policies to the fire and hamper your nation’s economic development — wouldn’t it be in your best interest to drive a wedge between the members of NATO and the members of the G7.  If they weaken sufficiently you can do whatever it is that you choose without fear of retribution or retaliation.

It’s a smart plan, it seems to me.  It doesn’t matter how much the Orange Oaf in Washington makes a mess of things — as long as he doesn’t act to strengthen those alliances you are ahead in the long game.


And the more the Orange Oaf antagonizes his own people the less attention they are paying to what YOU are doing, and the easier for you to undermine those same alliances in other more active ways.

Yup.  It’s a perfectly noble plan.  Win the war without having to go to battle.

Seeing as we here in the U.S. currently have soldiers fighting covert missions or outright battles in 70+ countries around the world  they can let us expend our energy, bankrupt our treasury, and exhaust our patience all the while they are preparing for bigger and better things.

The U.S. is not the only country that has military strategists, you know.