Old habits die hard. Peg and I have always found ourselves drawn to the lake.  Lake Michigan in particular.  Little lakes we can take or leave; oceans we seem able to take or leave — but Lake Michigan is somehow “home” for us.  We may not visit everyday, but we’re down to the edge of the water a couple or a few times a week all year long.  It’s a place for us to talk, to reflect, to strategize.  We’ve made some of our most monumental life-decisions there and enjoyed some of our heartiest belly-laughs there as well.


Milwaukee Yacht Club Marina – June 14 2018

The weather was supposed to have been sunny today.  Well, it was not.  Still, it was a pleasant enough morning with virtually zero wind.  In fact the air was so still one of the sailboaters had her oar out to maneuver her boat windward and attempt to get enough breeze to do some sailing.   We watched an old but refurbished 60 foot motor launch prepare to get underway.  And of course we enjoyed the sounds of the birds over the sounds of the city.


what the scene really looked like

This is Lakefront Festival of the Arts weekend and Polish Fest.  I doubt we’ll go down for either event — just too many people for us.  Still, it’s interesting watching the preparations as gigantic event tents are erected in front of the Art Museum for the art festival and staff begin making the Summerfest grounds ready for the first festival of the summer season.

As happy as we are to be back in Wisconsin I realize as we made our way up and down Lake Shore Drive that this is a bigger city than I really want to be in during the vacation/tourist season.  Such is life — you get the bad along with the good.



Old Diary

A Pleasant Walk Lakeside