Old Diary

When Blackmail is the Name of the Game

When did it become acceptable to kidnap innocent children and use them as blackmail in a political bid to achieve a political goal?  What’s worse, to do just that and then backpedal on if / when / whether the parents will be reunited with those same children — regardless of whether the blackmail scheme works?  In court cases already resolved parents who are about to be deported for entering the U.S. have been told that the court has no idea if or when their children can or will be reunited with their parents — that  is the job of another branch of “government.”

If you are paying attention to the news you already know the truth of all I said above. POTUS wants money for his wall and he is not afraid to use the agony of children to get it.  That U.S. citizens working for the Border Patrol and those organizations responsible for carrying out POTUS’ orders have followed those orders is inexcusable.

That Congress is willing to frame a DACA debate with children as hostage is equally inexcusable.  Why Congress hasn’t moved to restore children to their parents BEFORE discussing anything related to DACA is also inexcusable — allowing POTUS to use them as if they were helpless victims is not more than bullying and blackmail.