Lots of people know about the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Milwaukee now has a riverwalk too. But this shot was taken in  …  ta da … Indianapolis, Indiana.

I was doing a lot of experimenting with hi-key images at the time — playing with the exposure so as to blow out the highlights (making them pure white) and accentuating the shadows (going to black and beyond)

histogram of this imageHi-key lighting and it’s opposite (lo-key) lighting can create an awesome mood out of a rather ordinary image if you know what you’re doing, or play around with it long enough.

A histogram is a graphic representation of the light in an image.  This is the histogram for the accompanying image.  Virtually all of the information to be found in this image is at the BLACK and WHITE extreme’s of the diagram.

Just as a means of comparison — a more typical image — like this sunken boat along the Oregon Coast (Gold Beach) has a very different histogram.

Old Diary

River Walk