I still can’t bring my self to write about current events. The current state of society is simply beyond comment for me.

So, here’s another shot from a couple years ago.

You needn’t go far afield to find a good image.  Sometimes you can do so on a boardwalk in a local wildlife refuge — just like I did with this guy.

The trick with this image was to kill the “depth of field” so that the only thing in focus was the bird. For those of you unfamiliar with photography parlance, “depth of field” is that area which remains in focus.  The narrower the aperture on your lens the deeper the depth of field — say 10 feet to infinity.  The wider the aperture on your lens the shallower the depth of field — it could be as narrow as 1/10 of an inch with some lenses.  Generally speaking the longer the focal length of the lens the shallower the depth of field.  On an old 35mm camera a “normal” lens might be 55 mm.   A wide angle lens might be 28 or 35 mm.  And a long or telephoto might be somewhere between 150mm and 500 mm.

In this instance it was easy.  I used a 500 mm lens for this shot and they tend to have very shallow depth of field to begin with;  but that can be augmented by shooting with the lens wide open (f-stops lower in number rather than higher).  Anyway… I kind of like this guy.


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