If you go to Callaway Gardens (Pine Mountain, Georgia) you might find this very same bench. I don’t know, they might have rearranged the garden since my visit but I do remember that it was a perfect place to sit and enjoy the sounds of the birds, and to watch the flowers grow and blossom.

It’s hard to realize, sometimes, how many hours are spent to make a garden look as it does when it’s visited by the public. There are the hours and hours of design, followed by back breaking work to turn the physical site into the landscape the gardener envisioned. Of course following that are endless hours of planting and tending and weeding and moving plants about…. all so that you can sit there a few minutes and enjoy.

I’ve gotten to the point that I want to spend more time sitting there enjoying and less time moving from garden section to new garden section. Someone should actually sit and fall in love with some of these places.

The Garden Bench

Old Diary

The Garden Bench