Old Diary

I’ve been cheating…

I need to confess that I’ve been cheating lately with the publishing of some of my own photos from a while back.  There are things I want to say but I can’t decide how to say them, or in some cases I don’t want to work hard enough to write them in the first place — meaning they need some research and I just don’t feel like doing the hard work.

Writing is no longer as easy as once it was.  Oh, composition is — that’s never bothered me.  But as the mind gets older it’s harder to keep all the complicated thoughts floating around in the ether while my fingers take time to get them on the screen.  And I hate outlining and all that writer-ly stuff that people are supposed to “do” when they write.


This shot of a Sandhill Crane that I took in 2008 at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is the way I like to attack things:  head on.  But as I get older I find it harder to do that.  Not because I’m any less direct — god, no.  But because this is a very grayscale world and while I see and acknowledge the “grays” in life that does not mean I don’t have a hankering for some black and white!  And that has meant that for some months now I’ve been frustrated and seeking better modes and means and avenues.

The fact that I sometimes swap some pictures for a written post means I’m still struggling with resolution.  You’ll know when I do how it all comes out in the wash.  I’m just glad you hang in there with me through the changes.


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