Old Diary

The 25th Milwaukee VW Bug Fest

There must be something to pre-natal influences and early childhood memories.  You know how they say that girls often grow up to marry men like their fathers, well Mike and I might be a lot different — but we both have a soft spot in our hearts for Volkswagens and Mike has been a participant in the Milwaukee VW club for a long while.

This year the 25th Annual Bug Fest was held on new grounds.  The auto dealership that had hosted the event for 24 years was sold and the new ownership wasn’t very welcoming to the VW afficianados — which seems strange as they have always spent a lot of money with the VW dealership.  However there is a German restaurant about 1/2 a mile from the old event venue and they were more than welcoming so the club moved the event to the park-like atmosphere of the Bavarian Bierhaus on the North side of Milwaukee.


The one day event always brings in a few hundred (or more) folks.  They don’t really track attendance as the event is free, and the exhibitors pay for their own prizes via the entry fees.  There were more cars on display and I do believe more people viewing them than in the past.  I’m sure the club hopes that they can return again next year.


Mike’s lovingly restored bug.

Mike has restored enough cars over the years. This year he only took 1 vehicle to the show, the green bug he restored for Katy and which is a summer-drive-around car for them.IMG_9057  He’s gotten awards for the work on that one several times.

Once again it’s fun to see our two young folks (well, not SO young anymore — they passed their 26th wedding anniversary earlier this year) finding their place — making their place — in life.  For those who love vw’s as we do, here is a sampling of photos just for fun.

Peg & I put a lot of miles on our VW’s.  We went through Beetles, and Rabbits and Combi vans and loved them all.  I was saddened to hear earlier this year that 2020 will be the last year for the traditional “peoples wagon” — the bug is going out of production!  Long live the VW!