Roadtrip Day 1

This little roadtrip is a sort of culmination of several years of longing.  I have always loved Wisconsin as a place to live.  Oh, there is the issue of cold and as I age I have had more of a problem dealing with extreme cold than when I was young, but doggone it all it’s not extremely cold for that many days out of any one year and that means that most of the time I love living here.


We enjoyed our time in the RV tremendously but that doesn’t mea there weren’t things we missed during our sojourning.  That is especially true in light of the time we spend in South Texas where the comparison between the two locations is so marked. We missed the pronounced seasons, the GREEN, rolling hills, and the awesome colors of Spring.  I made reservations for this trip back in February, in anticipation of Peg’s birthday but I was hoping that the timing would be good to see the best of our early spring coloration and I was lucky — we hit the timing just right. 201805070837516020

Pear trees, Redbuds, and flowering Crabapples were all in peak color as we drove across the Southern tier of Wisconsin.  Leaves are just beginning to open up.  The sounds of migratory birds fills the air.  Along with warblers and the usual populous Wisconsin birds we even saw Orioles — which we rarely do.  It was lovely.


High Water at Blanding Landing.  This campground is STILL open, even though other Corps of Engineers campgrounds are temporarily flooded and closed.

The Mississippi is high at the moment.  There have recent been incidents at the locks involving out of control barges;  high water levels does unpredictable things to the current and even well trained professionals have expensive accidents due a few moments of inattention.

The area of SW Wisconsin, and the very corner of Illinois are considered part of the Driftless Region; this area wasn’t unundated by the glaciers and retains some amazing vallies and hillocks that — just personally — make my heart sing every time I see them.  I can hardly imagine a more beautiful place to live — or at least to live close enough to that I can visit it in less than a day’s drive.  201805071330406020


We might be in a really historic area — after all, Galena Illinois is the home of U.S. Grant and 8 other Civil War Generals.  There are historic homes to visit and museums to trudge through — none of which are all that appealing to us any longer.  We did all those things years and years ago and now we are quite happy to spend our time outside, enjoying Nature, and perhaps watching the other tourists go by.  Still we had as much activity as we wanted.  We could have done more — but we did as much as we chose.

201805071331086020It feels really good to be back in this part of the country.  We missed the GREEN.  Oh how we missed the green.  And the hills.  Not big ones.  I don’t need huge hills, but a little break from the boringness of flat terrain is lovely.


8 thoughts on “Roadtrip Day 1

  1. The SW corner of WI is a favorite of ours too. Love the Spring Green area, especially Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesen. We have a very detailed WI book of maps and use it to find our way around. Have you ever explored Vernon County just south of LaCrosse?


    1. LOL — explored vernon county…. I used to call on the county offices, every city (town), and all the school districts in Vernon County. I think that counts as exploring. 🙂



  2. Every time my Mom would come back to Minnesota from Colorado then Arizona she would exclaim, “TREES!” After a lot of RVing south and west I understand that now.


    1. I’m with your mom, Linda! Each and Every Day we get outside to do things I am thankful and appreciative of the green, and the trees, and the variety of heights and colors we have here.

      On the West Coast they have awesome TALL trees, but going into a forest there is a bit “boring” as so much of the forest is all the same height. I love our vegetation assortment here where you have various levels of mixed deciduous and evergreen — to ME, that is what a forest is SUPPOSED to look like.



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