Winslow Homer and the Milwaukee Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum is running an interesting exhibit on Winslow Homer so we decided to take it in.  It also happened to be the first Thursday of the month and the local Meijer stores are sponsoring free entry to the Art Museum so what better opportunity to see a lovely museum we haven’t visited in a long time!

On another occasion I’ll share more about the structure — the “new” wing on the MAM was designed by the renowned Calatrava and it’s quite something to see.  But I’ll share more pictures about the addition another time.

The MAM is an OK museum for a city the size of Milwaukee.  Considering how much was spent on the new addition I personally think we might have gotten more bang for our buck investing in more art, but “the Calatrava” has become a well recognized symbol of Milwaukee.


The museum has as much modern art as it does classic works.  The newer stuff is much more what I remember from my days growing up and the exhibits are varied in style and medium.


I hesitated to take pictures in the Homer exhibition, for some reason those works really want to be seen in person.

Still, I thought maybe I could whet your appetite… and on another occasion I’ll share more about the museum and the exhibits.


2 thoughts on “Winslow Homer and the Milwaukee Art Museum

  1. Big fan of Winslow Homer. Wish we had Meijer’s here in MN, they are such great stores, and very civic minded. Our family in Grand Rapids, MI are big fans.


    1. The gallery display was really quite lovely. It’s interesting as a person ages how one’s eye is attracted to different aspects of the art works than might have been the case in earlier years. I love his colors and his brushwork.

      Meijers is an interesting addition to the Milwaukee market. Milwaukee has always been a hard city to sell in; for years it was one of three cities used to test market new products — just because it IS a hard sell. The chain is new in Milwaukee. (Within the past 2 years I believe) Their advertising is very different than the strictly food chains in town; and their shelves seem to be 1/2 empty on the few occasions we have visited. I don’t know how well they are doing here, other chains have built stores and pulled out after a few years. (Jewel / Osco being on of the biggest recent failures)

      Milwaukee loves a bargain — you might say they have taken bargain shopping to new heights. And even as a newby in town I have noticed that a number of the items I have checked at Meijers have been higher by brand and model — so that’s not a great start for a firm that wants to break a new market.

      But, one of our good friends has made Meijers’ her favorite and go-to store — so they are doing something right. I’m sure we’ll visit from time to time and we have yet to see if we will find them attractive for regular shopping.

      We also have another new startup called Market Thyme — it’s more like a cross between Whole Foods and our own local membership Co-Op / health food store. We have found good value and even better quality there, so we have been giving them a try for about 1/3 of our grocery budget.



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