You can’t be a “HAVE” if there are no “HAVE NOTS”

We are coming out of the Spring ’18 elections and it has dawned on my consciousness that the Republican Party is all about keeping poor people poor.  It’s a fundamental fact of life that if some people are going to be the party of the “Haves” — those who have profited by the world of Capitalism — that there must also be a party of the “Have Nots” from whom the “Haves” accumulated their wealth.  Because, let’s face it, Capitalism is about some pepole being more successful than others.

Food Stamps

In recent weeks I have heard Republicans saying their “only” goal is a smaller government, and that social welfare programs don’t belong in government — we should let private interests take care of the poor and downtrodden. The thing is, I never see people of the Republican persuasion doing any of those things because their easy, affordable life depends upon them having more than someone else.


How the electorate have not figured this out until now is beyond me.  It’s simple arithmatic.  In order for some to have a lot, others have to have less.



You can’t have Republican morals, if in fact Republicans can be said to HAVE morals if they don’t carea about that part of society that doesn’t have as much as they have!


I guess I’m done listening to the disingenuous arguments.  Citizens are not being treated as equals when there is no one working to protect the rights of the poor, or stand up for the needs of our Earth.  A world made free for business, is a world made captive to the rich.


It can be no other way.


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