Wrinkles in Our Schedule

The past month or so has been a bit strange.  We’ve been talking to doctors more than we like. No worries, it’s not like we got put in hospital or anything.  It’s just that the doc’s been tinkering with my meds and there have been numerous followup visits.

Yeah, this wasone of the reasons we got off the road as RV’ers.  We realized that we had been extremely lucky over the last 6 years — considering my health issues — I did not get sick on the road, or require unusual hospital or doctor’s stays, but we did bow to the reality of my health issues when we decided to settle closer to my specialists.

It’s been repeat visits to the doc’s office for monitoring. Nothing difficult.  Just time consuming.  Well, time consuming and thoughts-pressing-on-our mind.   Various med changes needed time for the body to adjust and because they are playing around with adjusting the internal timing of my heart I’m all for being careful!!!! We had one mild scare but in retrospect that might have been an overreaction on my account — still, it WAS a SCARE! That’s all been in the last month or so.

Never fear — I’m feeling just fine. It still amazes me that I’m as “sick” as I am while I’m still feeling good. I do wish that the meds I take didn’t ALL have to agree that they might cause weight gain! And also I could do without several of them warning that they may cause fatigue.  The fatigue part is the most annoying.  I do tire more quickly.  But if that’s the price for hanging around a while longer than let me be tired!

Like a lot of folks my age and weight, I have sleep apnea issues.  I had an evaluation done in 2009 and none since then.  My heart specialist is after me to have another evaluation and to go back to using a CPAP machine.  I hated using that thing so much last time that that I lost a bunch of weight and got to the point I could go off the machine.  But, the weight is up again and an overnight pulse oximeter test says I’m back at that CPAP point again.  All of which is just information.  And annoying interruptions into life.

It’s not like I can’t function with these things.  I’m fortunate not to be in pain; not to have prominent symptoms; and to live in a place where I have great medical caretakers.  I am really tickled with them.  I hear so many horror stories about doctors, but I can email either of my 2 docs whenever I have concerns and they are great about communication.   It’s nice to feel like you actually KNOW your doctor.  That you aren’t just two ships that pass in the office once or twice a year.  So, I am not complaining.

Still, medical issues have a way of pre-occupying a person. I’d like to think I’m better than that; that my faith would let me go on about my business without slowing down.  But, the fact of the matter is I’m just as human and just as flawed as anyone else and these things do weigh on my mind a bit. Our own mortality is, of course, important to everyone and it’s good that when something needs attention that you get it checked out.  I say this because I know quite a few people who avoid the doctor at all cost and I don’t know what they think they are doing.  To neglect a problem, or a pain, or a symptom isn’t going to make it go away — and the thing about bodies is that problem that don’t get better tend to get worse — so why make life harder for one’s self?   My mom might be still here today if she had not neglected to seek advice about her problem earlier…

In my “spare time” I’ve been wondering about our 50th Anniversary, and whether we want to “do” something to celebrate.  Take a trip?  Throw a party — we aren’t really party people and we don’t throw parties — so that doesn’t seem like a prospect.  Do something else?  I dunno… Maybe something will come to mind.  I’ve tossed around all sorts of ideas and there are some good ones — the thing is that at the moment I can’t get excited about any of them.  But that may mean that my mind is still on my health and once we get things sorted out my mind will clear and I’ll see just the ticket on the horizon!  Here’s hoping.


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