Pity the Poor Bureaucrat

Please treat your friendly (or not so friendly) government bureaucrat with kindness and compassion.  Can you imagine just how troubling it must be for career workers — people who have given much of their adult lives in the service of others — to be working in the current Administration?  Many have fled in embarrassment, because of ethical dilemnas, and because of stress — but those hundreds of thousands of sincere, good hearted people who remain are going through hell on earth.BUREAUCRAT definition

I accept that to some degree the likes of myself have probably made their lives worse. Inadvertantly.  In raging against the political appointees I’m sure it has been the line staff official who has taken the brunt of the Resistance.  Perhaps unjustly so — but then the average Resistor has little access to the political appointees — they seem to hide in the shadows and on board their private planes.  It’s the poor line officer, the desk jocky, the front line employee who has to deal with the citizen who feels the environment is being raped and the hallowed places are being destroyed.  — not the boss sitting umpteen GS levels above them.


For a while we had a lot to do with bureaucrats. Our life as full time RV’ers was filled with dealings with park personnel and forestry people.  We talked to information desks at facilities and with the reservations services at ReserveAmerica.com.  (although that latter is a private contractor hired by the US govt., still I’m sure they get plenty of harassment too! )bureaucrat 2

In the midst the rape of the land, and pillaging of the nation’s resources by appointees and corporations it’s important that we remember there are tons of really good employees on the U.S. payroll and not all of them are the “bad guys.”  In fact it must be hard for workers who have been on the government payroll for 20 or 30 or more years to watch as programs and protections they worked decades to put in place are destroyed and undone.  For anyone with a clean heart and a sincere love for their job it has to be horrifying to see the good offices under their care turn away from the public they were designed to serve and turn towards the selfish interests of corporate america which cares only for how much profit it can make this quarter — with no concern at all for what will be left 50 years from now.   bureaucrat 1

We’ve all seen those signs, “Be kind to animals.”

Well, maybe we need another sign:  “Be kind to bureaucrats.”


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