Our new car came with a limited time offer of free Sirius radio.  Never having had satellite radio before we extended the free offer by one year to give it a real chance to see how it might impact our time in the car.

I find myself spending more time listening to music from the 40’s, 50’s, & 60’s.  Not so much because I “know” the music because in many cases I don’t know it, but I love the instrumental solos to be found in a lot of those old pieces.  Whether they are pop, or rock, or jazz, there is a tradition of letting good musicians go with the flow, as it were, and have fun with their music.

Our daughter took 12 or so years of piano.  She’s a good pianist — though her recent fall, and broken wrist have resulted in some loss of flexibility and the need to learn how to play all over again with a slightly different alignment and finger technique.  When she was still in school she was always in awe of musicians who could improvise — improvisation wasn’t her talent and like many of us who want what we aren’t, the gift of improv was (is still I believe) one of her special inspirations.

Whether it’s improv or playing off a score it takes a real determination, and practice, and love of music to get skilled as a musician.  I don’t know how many young folk are “taking an instrument” now?  Music programs have been hard hit in public schools — I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already. With all the time young folks spend on their electronic media I don’t know how much time they have left for instruments, but I for one would be sad to see a decline in “real” music.

I love melodies.  I love lyrics.  I will admit that I don’t find a lot to be inspired about in much of contemporary music but maybe I don’t listen to enough of it.  I do enjoy movie soundtracks — the ones where the producers pay to have someone actually WRITE music to be performed for the movie.  I have a few favorite composers as a result of listening to their movie scores.  Still… a guy or a gal playing in a band who can really wail … that gets my blood a pumpin’.


2 thoughts on “Solos

    1. Linda — One of really good friends in HS was a gifted improv artist and we had many a time to appreciate his skill — but it made Katy crazy that he could just pick stuff out of the air — yet could hardly read sheet music which she was excellent at. Different strokes and different folks.


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