The tyranny of drawers

I realize this is going to sound silly, but I have too many drawers!  6 years in an RV taught me how to pretty effectively live my life with “less stuff” and now that I have a “real” apartment, and more space to spread out in I find myself putting too much stuff in drawers.

The old adage about when to get rid of something has been…

if you haven’t used it in 1 year throw it out.

Of course the economics of that sometimes run amok.  If I haven’t used a thing in over one year I’m much more likely to throw it out if it costs… (honestly now…) next to nothing.  If I can still remember how much I paid for it and/or if it was over $30.00 I’m much less likely to throw it out.  …Or…. if it’s something I used to use a lot.

Those are the reasons that when we moved in here in November I still had a few items that I had not used in … (wait for it…) all six years of our RV’ing sojourn.  And all that stuff that we had in storage with Kathryn at her house…. that too had not been used in … six years.  But — we still had it.

With my annual post-tax-time spurt of energy I have a few projects I want to tackle.  Getting rid of stuff in drawers is one of the chores I’m actually looking forward to this year.

I think this year will be different.  We are commited to apartment living.  That means I won’t have certain kinds of maintenance work to do — and I won’t be needing a few tools that I have jealously held onto.  That means my son-in-law is going to inherit at least a couple  100 foot power cords and sundry hand tools… but then the question arises…. do people his age actually USE hand tools?

We are commited to living somewhere without a yard.  We didn’t save many yard tools, but we did save a couple.  I really want to force myself to shed those as well. I’m sure there are some hoses and things that will go bye-bye. Right now they live in 6 tubs in the garage that sit at the front end of the car between the car and the garage wall.  If I empty those containers out …. by golly… I can get rid of the containers too! 🙂

Can you tell…

I’m trying to psyche myself out for the task at hand.  This is like my pre-game pep talk.

Go team….


5 thoughts on “The tyranny of drawers

  1. Bet you didn’t know this post was actually a public service announcement, one that makes me face the reality of uncluttering my life. We’ve lived in this house for 18 years, and you sir have inspired me to let go of pointless clutter.Big hug and go team 🙂


    1. I’m always willing to take one for the team…. or some such silly cliche!

      Since moving in here I really find the excess space almost oppressive. I was tickled to have an apartment with a 2nd bedroom to use as my office, but I find myself less willing to USE it than I thought I would. I like being in the same room with my wife! I do spend a couple hours in the office pretty much every evening — it gives me time to let my brain wind-down, and then fall asleep easier — while wifey likes to watch TV for a couple hours and I’m wanting just to fall asleep. But I find myself doing other things instead of going into the office…. mumble, mumble, mumble… not what I planned… how have I changed so much in the last few years?



  2. I’ve moved 6 times in the last 10 years – within a 15 mile radius – I’ve gone from combining 2 households to floor to ceiling/wall to wall 10×10 storage units, to finally having my whole life contained in a 2-bedroom townhouse with only christmas boxes in the attic. I live much happier now with a more minimalist lifestyle, and I still have all I need. Cheers!


    1. LOL — 6 moves in 10 miles within 15 miles is quite an accomplishment! Brava! — I think!

      Transitioning is tough. I’ve been there and I sympathize — but like you in the end, the minimalist life is far more satisfying!



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