Rooms Of Blooms

A week ago our daughter felt like a day’s getaway and that mood came at a time when an Oshkosh art museum was offering a display called Rooms In Bloom.  We took the day and make a trip out of it.

The Paine Art Gallery & Gardens are new to me.  Oshkosh is located about 100 miles North of Milwaukee and it was a good chance to exercise the car, enjoy a beautiful sunny day, have a couple nice meals, and enjoy being together mom & dad & daughter.  This exhibit is something they do every couple years and they invite local gardens, florists, event planners and the like to contribute works either along a theme — as for example “table settings” — or to do an “interpretive” work in flowers and greenery that symbolizes one of the works of art in the Paine collection.  As a result you get an interesting assembly of flowers and greenery, along with a lovely art collection in an easy afternoon’s visit.  It happens at a time of year when blooms are hard to find so it was a busy venue and we had a good time.


The Paine “home” was built by a lumber baron and started just before the Great Depression.  Begun late in life and intended as a family home the husband and wife passed before the completion of the building, so the family never lived there at all — and the building was donated by the estate as a museum.


It is far from the largest mansion we’ve ever toured, but I have to say it was one of the most extravagantly detailed.  The wood and the craftsmanship are utterly amazing.


For a small exhibit there were some surprising details and one of those was a garden kaleidescope.  Working from a round planter in the center of a circular steel frame equipped with kaleidescope the result stopped traffic!




4 thoughts on “Rooms Of Blooms

  1. I am aware of this art museum from friends in the area, but didn’t realize it was in such a beautiful building. I have the feeling they got the idea for the “blooms” from the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s “Art in Bloom” which is a long standing summer exhibit. Truly beautiful and gives a new perspective to the art works. It is a huge competition to be one of the fortunate creators of the blooms. Glad to see others doing it. Good road trip for this time of year!


  2. Actually, the MIA isn’t the only one doing Art in Bloom. The St. Louis Art Museum just held their version. I’m guessing it is popular many places! What do I know!


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