Well oiled or not…

Well-Oiled-MachineJust because my personal experience of committees hasn’t been great doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate that sometimes group activities are great.  Last night I watched the Oscars (well, I watched a little of them, on tape delay so we could zip past the commercials and boring parts).  I’m glad I don’t have to go to events like that — I know millions of people would faint at the opportunity to bo but it’s not who I am.  Still, the results that the entertainment industry puts out are pretty phenomenal.

well_oiled_machine_by_sughly-d377rh5It’s not just entertainment that I actually appreciate.  Doctors and nurses and surgical suites all work together to keep people functioning as well as possible.  Engineers and skilled tradespeople of all flavors come together to craft cars and airplanes that work pretty doggone continuously without a problem. Other engineers and scientists create robots that build computers and all the handy electronics gadgets that all of us can’t live without — none of which would be possible if all the world worked like I did — as an individual.

gearsI thought, last night, about how many of the tools and technological advancements I use that I seldom think about consciously — I just use them — and those are other benefits of cooperative effort.

I’m not against any of it.  I just have had different experiences of group activities they have molded my preferences in a different direction.  But I still enjoy sitting down to watch a good movie.  Or to listen to a symphony.  I may not care about team sports but that doesn’t mean I don’t think teams have their place in a world made of many, many, different kinds of people.

And it’s good that there is room for them, and room for me, and room for others who don’t like the things they like or I like.  Thank God for diversity.


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