What Else Could You Expect?

OPINONI’ve been thinking about the national budget and two simple factors seem to be jumping off the Television screens at me.

  1. It’s clear that Trump’s ONLY real position is on the wall.  Upon everything else he seems to think that all he has to do is tell other people to get to work figuring out what to do and if they can pass anything he’s willing to sign it. I can’t remember a time when a President didn’t really stand for much of anything.  His early life was all about making “The Deal” and it seems that’s all he cares about.
    Donald's Famous Shrug

    Donald’s Famous Shrug

    He wants to sign off on some kind of deal and it doesn’t matter to him a whole lot what it is — just as long as it’s “his” deal.

  2. It’s also clear that Trump has no interest in building anything.  His brand wasn’t about building new facilities — it’s always been about selling naming rights to other people who have made the investments in feasability studies, financing, design, and building new facilities.  It’s no wonder that he views selling off airports and turning highways into toll roads as advances — he’s never wanted to be bothered with the actual building of anything.  He wants to make money off the sweat and tears of others — and why not the American Public.

US population by decadeThe thing about running a country is that there’s some sort of assumption that the people doing the job actually have ideas they think will make the country better.  But simply trying to take the nation back into the 1950’s or 1960’s isn’t going to work.population 2017  In 1950 the U.S. population was only 151 million.  In 1960 it was 179 million.  At the beginning of 2017 we were sitting at about 324 million — plus or minus twice as many people — but people who have a far different view on the world than the U.S. citizen had in the 50’s or 60’s.  For one thing that was before Vietnam — the war we lost.  To this date we have veterans and citizens who have not gotten over the fact that we fought a war that we didn’t win.  The so-called Korean Police Action of the 1950’s was one of those occasions where we didn’t even want to admit we were at war.  We now live in a post-Christian world where more and more of the population are either atheists, agnostics or some other religion.  The values that once were widely held by Americans are now somewhat less popular.  We have seen huge stock market dips — I personally have lived through three huge drops and watched the cushion I thought I had minimized to a pittance.

LA air pollution

No one wants to return to the air pollution conditions of the 60’s; conditions that were only changed by stringent air pollution standards and decades of work by industry and individual alike.

Twice as many people mean more wear and tear on the infrastructure, more commotion and noise, more pollution just sustaining people — without the added burden on the environment of greedy manufacturers or businesses.

In 1960’s air pollution in L.A. and other major cities was horrible.  It took strong government action and millions of dollars to reverse the damage we had been doing to our environment.  Turning the clock back to those sort of days is not a course of action that will make america anything but sick again.  Certainly it won’t make America great again.

We have real problems in this country and we need more than pretend government officials who will work to make our country safer and cleaner and sustainable.



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