Snow Covered Boughs

One of the delights of winter — even for a hater of cold weather like myself — are scenes of snow covered boughs. A couple days ago we had enough snow, enough humidity and just the right overnight conditions to set snow on the branches and then freeze it so that it would stay like that for a few days.

What better excuse would we have for a little drive around town?

Most of these shots are taken at Whitnal Park, part of the Milwaukee County Park System.

It’s not quite the season for “winter wonderland” but still…. it’s lovely don’t you think?

I have to say without fear of equivocation that one thing about Wisconsin is that you don’t have far to go to find beautiful scenery.  No matter the season, there are sights worth getting the camera out for — or at least the iPhone!

For us confirmed Midwesterners this is home.  We had a blast wandering around the countryside but there’s no place like home.



2 thoughts on “Snow Covered Boughs

  1. We get those Currier and Ives type scenes right out our living room windows since we have a nature center right across the street. It’s one of the things that makes living here doable.


    1. We don’t quite have Currier and Ives outside our window. But all things considered, for living in a community this size we are very fortunate to have the lovely views we have!

      Done you think that’s as significant a consideration in choosing a new place to live as say number of bedrooms or shape of the kitchen. Walking out the door into pleasant surroundings means a lot to me, whether or not the actual apartment has 110% of the criteria indoors!



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