Trains & Plants

Every year Peg & I mark the progression of the calendar with visits to The Milwaukee Domes.Milwaukee Domes This Milwaukee landmark is something I’ve written about before but which I don’t tire of seeing because they refresh it 4 to 5 times a year. This time of year, ever year they install an exhibit of model trains. It’s a highlight for kids especially, but all ages come to see the plants, to watch the trains, and to see what sort of theme they applied this year. 201801221035363744And, 2018 was a sort of Alice in Wonderland (with a few little bits of artistic license thrown in).

Not only do you get children and adults.  There are also a variety of photographer on a typical day.  This year we saw a chap who walked around with a camera and a stuffed Minion — thand all his photos had a Minion in them. We also saw a woman doing pastel sketches.  She was deep in thought — or the creative process when we went by.

The Domes — for those of you who haven’t been there — are three stainless steel and glass domes, comprising a compact botanical garden of three growing climates:  Temperate (like Milwaukee), Desert, and Tropical.  201801221036033745While the gardens are tended and plants are moved in and out by the season, the flowering plants are generally whatever is naturally in bloom at that time of year.

There are always a few bits of whimsy to be found. This time I laughed at the frog…


And this idea of a floating flowerpot really got several people thinking about their own gardens — based on the conversations of visitors around us.  It’s a clever idea to augment a water feature.


Of course in a season when we’ve had two full moons in one month, and supermoons at that, it shouldn’t have been surprising to see a “moon” inside the dome!201801221048223755201801221107453759201801221109083763201801221110113765201801221123033769

It was a fun visit.  We’ll be back in a few months to see the next display.  If you’re passing through town, give it a look-see.  🙂


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