It takes two people to compromise

the other person has just as much right to be happy

One person cannot compromise.  To do so is simply surrender. Governing is not supposed to be about surrender, it’s supposed to be about managing an entire nation/state/city, not just one person or one point of view.  Compromise takes two.

give and take

I don’t know how or why the GOP decided that they were no longer going to act as if there were any other legitimate point of view in government — heck, they can’t even agree that there is more than one point of view in their own party.  But it sure seems that since the country elected a black man as president they have decided that the only way to govern is if they get their own way in everything.

For 8 years GOP obstructed any plan of action the Democrats had; I guess it was hard being “led” by a black man.  All the white faces in Congress just couldn’t take the will of the people and if anyone is responsible for what the GOP complain about as Obama’s governing by executive order it’s the GOP itself.  Had they done what government does — which is to say, COMPROMISE — they would have taken fewer hits and been a lot better off.  But no.  Ideology had to come first.  And governing went down the metaphorical tubes.

Now they control both parties of the Congress and have a President of their own party they have pushed and pushed in a completely PARTISAN way, passing the largest tax reform in history with NO public hearings, NO public oversight, and meeting behind closed doors in secret as if theirs were the only voices that needed hearing — in secret.  So much for transparency in government.  So much for the sunshine laws which the GOP have been ignoring by their secrecey and flaunting of governmental ethics.201801171324121446

If nothing else, the last year should have taught us all (but I know not everyone is paying attention) that government lies to the people.  You don’t have to limit your attention to the president (lower case), you can easily see and prove that the GOP and Democrats both, along with cabinet officers and other officials think nothing of mangling the facts and manufacturing their own personal versions of reality (the word TRUTH not being used).

I’m a lifelong pacifist. I hate violence.  But I have to say that the GOP is on a course of action that could easily boil over into a very non-peaceful reaction.  You can only go so long before the consent of the governed is withdrawn and the “little guy” gets angry.  It’s easy for the rich and powerful to think that will never happen.  It’s easy for those who have everything they want to imagine that those who lack necessities can be coddled and cajoled into continuing to support them — but history has shown us that even those with nothing will rise up when pushed too far into a corner.  When its about survival, human nature gets pretty resourceful and swinging pendulums are hard to stop.  (Sorry about mixing metaphors…. well, actually, I’m not sorry.)

Where in life can you behave without regard to compromise?  No one I know is satisfied with the way things are.  We all have different reasons for feeling that way but the fact of life is that we are all forced to compromise.  Why politicians think that just because they sit in posh hallowed halls of marble and precious metals that they don’t have to think about the guy on welfare or the pregnant woman.  Perhaps Congress should have to conduct business out in the cold, underneath a railroad underpass instead of in their offices.  Perhaps a few less millionaire congressmen/women would better hear the cry of the average citizen.

But the fact is that the election cycle will repeat.  Too many of the same old faces will be returned to office and the system will propagate itself yet again.  Not until enough people get angry and say STOP will anything change. 20170731080245063


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