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Ice Fishing Anyone?

Brrrrrrr….. Thus far this winter we have been both colder and dryer than average here in Southeastern Wisconsin.  That hasn’t bothered me much.  I never spend a lot of time outdoors in winter.  (Well, not since I stopped flatbedding – cuz then I had to tarp most of my loads and that involved a couple hours in the cold no matter how warm or frigid it might be) We get out to do our chores; when the weather is into the 30’s and 40’s we’ll take a walk outdoors, but most of our walking happens at the mall or while we are running errands.

Not everyone in Wisconsin is like minded.  We did get over to Bong State Recreation Area some time ago and there are people ice fishing all over the lake.

You can’t see much from this shot but there are at least 30 holes in the ice out there!  I’m surprised there aren’t more tents/shelters too….

When I was younger and before my hands were badly frostbitten we did a lot more outdoors in the cold.  Milwaukee used to provide wonderful iced toboggan slides.  The accompanying photo of one at Whitnal Park — the place we most often went — will give you an idea.  Going downhill was always fun; climbing back uphill not quite so much; and standing in line waiting for your next turn could be absolutely ear-numbing!

I guess you have to like fishing a lot to want to go ice fishing.  I haven’t dunked a line in the lake since I was… maybe… 12.  At Mauthe Lake, on a clear summer’s day, with my dad back at the campsite waiting for my selection of panfish that he  hoped were going to be our lunch.

Some years ago while we were still RV’ing we saw some ice fishing trailers and were quite astonished.  I can’t imagine sitting in a cold tent, or a little portable shed, much less spending thousands and thousands of dollars to buy a specially constructed trailer that will raise up it’s wheels so the base sits directly on the ice, and pre-manufactured holes in the floor for your fishing line to go through — but people do.

The same day we saw the ice fishermen we also saw a guy with his (possibly brand new) quad  — taking pictures of it.  There’s not enough snow for snowmobiling, so I guess the next best thing is to roar around on a quad pretending that there’s a lot of snow.  It seems that modern day outdoorsmen can’t do anything without an expensive tool or equipment.

As for me, I’m happy with activities that I can do any time of year, and often indoors.  I may not be as physically active but I still have a good time and I don’t get frostbitten.


8 thoughts on “Ice Fishing Anyone?

  1. It isn’t cold enough in British Columbia for ice fishing but when I visit my Mom & sister in Saskatchewan ice fishing shelters dot many a prairie lake.Fishing never appealed to me (though I loved to watch my Dad make his own flies) We haven’t had any measurable snow this winter (kinda miss it) Stay warm and happy. 🙂

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    • We have had “measurable” snow, but saying that is kind of misleading — thus far not more than .01-.03 at a time and just a frosting on the ground.

      Fly tying can be quite the art! I enjoy watching anyone who’s GOOD at what they are doing, from a shoe shine guy, to waitress, to mathematician….


  2. Speaking of frostbite…a quad is a good way to get it. We saw a bunch of guys come into a bar up in northern Michigan on a cold night on snowmobiles. The last guy had a quad and was darn near frozen solid. The rest of the guys were fine. Snowmobiles allow the engine heat to keep you warm, plus the front cowling and windshield protect you.

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    • We saw plenty of quads in OR, and we’ve seen plenty of snowmobiles in WI. That is big fun up in the Northwoods. But for a while too many snowmobilers were getting drunked up and having accidents. A not-very-close-acquaintance even decapitated himself on a string of wire fencing — riding at night — off trail.

      I could see the darn-near-frozen bit though. you’re high up and right in the wind!

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