Old Diary

Watch those fuses

I finally got around to selling my Brake Buddy Classic.  It’s been sort of fun with the few remaining bits and bobs from our time RV’ing that as we have managed to sell them off, one by one, there have been no regrets, no second thoughts, it’s all been a very satisfying experience.

Well, almost all.

You see, after I advertised on Craigslist to sell the unit, and after I had a buyer there remained the singular task of making the final sale.  The buyer (rightly) wanted to see the unit in operation.  And I was silly enough to neglect checking on the fuse size to the accessory outlet in the only vehicle we have:  the Subaru Outback.

Sure enough, I plugged the Brake Buddy into the accessory outlet and with no air pressure in storage the unit worked just fine.  But as the demonstration proceeded and I asked the unit to re-pressurize the air chamber after doing the required pre-trip braking cycles — under pressure the unit pulled more than 10 amps and blew a fuse in the Outback!

I explained what happened to the buyer, showing him the spot in the operators manual saying the circuit needs to have a 15 amp fuse and we closed on the deal with no greater difficulties.  Which is ok.   A little embarrassment from time to time does a fellow good!

Still, it was a good reminder.  Accessories to have needs.  And you need to be careful about fulfilling those needs.

Right now my “need” is figuring out which fuse in which of 2 fuse boxes burned out.  You see after looking up the diagram for fuses in the Subaru Owners Manual for the correct model and year I realized that the Subaru is in fact a non-smoker’s car.  There are ZERO ash trays in the car.  The manual shows you that you can use a cupholder for the resting spot for an ADD-ON ASHTRAY, of which they conveniently show an example.  Furthermore the accessory outlets are not called cigarette lighters, they are for accessories!  And the manual tells you specifically that you should not attempt to power a cigarette lighter from those outlets.

So why is it that the designation on the fuse box diagram says:  CIGAR?

Go Figure!

Still, we sold the Brake Buddy.  I knew I had a supply of fuses somewhere… and a beautiful January morning with 40º temps made it easy to go through the seven tubs of miscellaneous “stuff” that we are storing in the garage — in search for the small plastic tray containing spare auto fuses.  I found them.  Wouldn’t you know it would be in the last of the 7 that I had to open.  I could not have managed to find them in the first or the second tub.  Oh, No!  Look through them all, why not!  But I have a supply of fuses and I did not have to go out to purchase more.  Which would have been my solution a couple years ago.  But, you know, I’m a retiree now, and there’s this thing about retirees that we’re all supposed to be so poor and we can’t afford to buy anything and why would I want to go out and buy more fuses when I had some perfectly good ones somewhere…. somewhere…. somewhere in that last box that I haven’t looked inside of for 5 months.

Whew!  I’m glad that’s done.

Now I just have this big Pelican waterproof case to sell.

Know anyone who wants a great case for camera equipment? 🙂