Reduced Frequency

Water Water Everywhere

Thursday afternoon’s Radar.

Momma Nature decided we’d had enough and we caught up a little in our need for water.  Hurricane Franklin passed significantly to our South, but there was a lot of moisture up in the air and Momma Nature decided we could use it.

Reduced Frequency

I’m cutting back the frequency of posts.  I’ll still write fairly often I am sure, but the upcoming months may portend some surprising changes and we’ll need time to deal with them.  I’ll continue publishing; just not necessarily daily.

Do not worry.  We are both feeling well. No sudden health emergencies or anything like that.  And no family emergencies either.    It just seems like a good time to slow down.




One thought on “Reduced Frequency

  1. Daily posting is rough some days. You write so beautifully I’m going to really miss yours. But you’re right, it’s good to take some time, relax, and enjoy life without that little bit of stress to post. You have such a relaxed and enjoyable writing style that you might want to think about writing a novel.


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