Blooms… they’re a start

It’s not all that exciting for anyone else, but we actually have a lavender bloom on one of our little babies!  Hooray for Momma Nature!

Peg decided on Portaluccas and Vincas for a little color in the bed and while I like the idea the portaluccas aren’t looking very happy in our soil, or our sun, or our watering routine.  We’re keeping watch on them — could be we’ll end up adding more vincas?  Or something else.  We saw some lovely ground cover jasmine….

Having nothing to do with blooms and vegetation we’ve been chatting with other year rounders here and no matter how you look at it a definite part of retirement planning always focusses on — or is forcibly refocussed — because of health issues.  It’s inevitable. None of us is getting out of life alive.  And dealing with the various infirmities, accidents, and genetic mutations that make us who we are is all part of life.  It would be so “nice” if we could count on whatever happened to our parents happening to us — but we all know that’s not the case.  And knowing what’s coming isn’t always a good thing.  Not if one’s parents went through something particularly difficult. Still, most people I know tend to choose a little knowledge over ignorance.

The fact that we can’t predict, and can’t plan what might happen to us makes future planning a  crap shoot.  I don’t think that’s bad — besides there’s nothing we can do about it anyway — so we might as well make the best of it as we go along.  It’s prudent to make our choices with an open future in mind.  Risking everything on a decision we think will be perfect for the “rest of our life” is generally not a great choice.  Planning too carefully can easily backfire and leave one without resources or options.  Still, you have to make decisions as you go from month to month and I suspect that for the average retiree one thinks longer and harder over their choices in retirement than ever they did while working.

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I had a lot of time with older folks — people who know are about my age.  At the time I appreciated the way they looked at life and their options. I didn’t understand why they thought the way they did but I could see that they were basing their choices and their lives on a sets of knowledge I knew nothing about.  Now I can appreciate a little more what it was I saw in those dear hearts so long ago.  It’s good life is laid out the way it is.  We aren’t fit for some things when we are young.  And if we made choices now based on the same criteria we did then we’d be in a terrible predicament.

Life is supposed to make us wiser as we go through it.  We’re supposed to benefit from the errors of our way — assuming we are wise enough in the first place to realize we MADE mistakes!  Humility may be one of the hardest lessons to learn if we don’t come by it naturally — but an old person still full of hubris isn’t much good to themselves or anyone else.

As for me, I hope that like our baby lavender that I’ll still be able to bloom a little.  The situation isn’t always and won’t always conducive to blooming, but that’s part of the human struggle — to be a benefit to those around us, and not just take up space and resources.  Some of us are metaphorically aromatic, others are pretty,  some provide food for passing critters — we each have our reason for being.  And I for one want to continue to be used.



2 thoughts on “Blooms… they’re a start

  1. Hooray for lavender, boo for over-watering portulaca – they hate water and thrive when neglected and ignored.Sounds to me like you need some tenacious perennials – how about hollyhocks or shasta daises. 🙂


    1. The most interesting thing is that something is eating the portaluccas! trimming them nice and neatly, too! We have an uneasy truce about what to plant. I’m going for sustainable; Peg is jonesing for COLOR!

      But, as you can surmise it may all be a short-term adventure as the heat’s been getting to us in ways not anticipated and so I’m taking a slightly bifurcated approach to the whole thing…. more to come in time.


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