Computers know more about us than one expects….

The changing nature of business continues to amaze me. While I laughed at the recent story about Facebook turning of it’s Artificial Intelligence robots which had invented their own language for communication between themselves there are aspects of modernization that unnerve me. 

Our recent car purchase was timed to take advantage of the Subaru 0% financing offer.  It worked out well for us and I’m happy with the results.  I was a bit concerned about paper flow. We’re down here in S. Texas, the first payment was due in 45 days and I needed sufficient time to allow our daughter to receive the mail and forward it to us.

Well, it turns out that worry wasn’t needed.  Subaru does their financing through Chase Bank. We still have not received paperwork from Chase, but they have already figured out that we have an account with them and appended the finance account to our online business portfolio. So, a little time spent familiarizing myself with their design metaphor which differs considerably from that at BMO Harris Bank and we had our business with them all set up for the duration of the loan.  I love auto pay!

It’s a little disconcerting how easily computers and robots figure out who’s responsible for what.  I’m glad I’m not into illegal activity because I can see how it’s going to be harder and harder for the “bad guys” to launder money — still as a customer I’m both reassured and alarmed at how electronic banking has taken over the world.

On our last visit to Milwaukee we met with two different bankers and I found out that Chase has a problem with receiving cash deposits.  According to the banker about two years ago they make a corporate decision to no longer accept cash deposits.  It was supposedly instigated by Homeland Security and in the complicating the interests of terrorists who move large sums of cash.  Once again,  I’m not certain how I feel about that.  I know small businessmen who accept cash in payment for services rendered.  I can see how such a policy could complicate their life significantly.  And whether I want to think better safe than sorry, there’s the old-world part of me that wants to say life is just getting too complicated.

I touched base with our Apple retailer about my long-delayed and much needed laptop keyboard. It seems there’s some possibility it may be available before mid September.  I can’t wait… Well, I HAVE TO wait but I’m doing it impatiently.

I am coping with my iPad.  There are some things I really like about it.  Some things I really don’t.  The whole thing about not being able to create files and save them is a huge design idiom change.  Heck — even the ability to rename image files is complicated.  But the key is learning to work with the design and not fight it.  So, I’m exercising my passive genes. 🙂







4 thoughts on “Computers know more about us than one expects….

  1. Electronic baking freaks me out. Remember bankers hours? Banks closed at 3 pm, 4 pm on Fridays, miss the bank on Friday and you were out of luck until Monday morning.Finances used to be tangible because transactions required personal interaction with the institution charged with keeping our money. Can’t remember the last time I approached a bank teller. Wages are deposited electronically, ATM kiosks facilitate 24 hour access to our money, online banking handles bill payments and loan applications are taken online.What happens when the power goes out?

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    1. First of all, I assume that your first sentence contains a typo. I’m guessing you really mean “electronic banking” not “electronic baking” — I bet that was muscle memory at play there considering your field. 🙂

      I have a love hate relationship with electronic baking. Obviously, as RV’ers, we were presented with problems — and our bank is not a national back, it is extremely regional. Right now I am 1200 miles from the closest branch.

      That said, I am also horrible about money. I do everything I can to avoid thinking about it. I used electronic services whenever possible, In the last year — what with a house purchase and a new car we probably wrote more checks than average but still, I don’t think we have written 5 checks in 12 months. The bank writes and mails what checks are needed — though most expenses are charged and paid for via EFT.

      As for what happens when the power goes out… I suspect that banking will be one of the least of our worries. food, fuel, etc…

      I know there are entire sub-cultures devoted to Survival and post-apocalyptic this and that. How a first world country — is going to survive in such conditions is a moot point. The problems that occur if you lose power grid are far more complicated and I’m sure we’ll all be struggling in ways we can’t even imagine right now.


    2. Just got me to thinking. Every time we returned to Milwaukee I made a point of stopping off to see our banker. Not the teller, but the officer that we knew. She now has retired — February this year — and I find myself not knowing anyone, really, at that bank. Oh, we are conversant with one other officer there but that’s not the same as knowing the banker’s husband’s name, and health issues, the names of their dogs, and why she wears the ugliest wigs you can imagine. I feel cut off. Peg’s retirement account is in a different bank and we thought about moving our deposits to the other bank, but it IS a national bank and we feel LOST there. So, we have done nothing. Not sure what we’ll do yet.

      We have always said we would never buy property (as in land) but as we look at options for a place in Milwaukee there has been some talk about a condo — which would mean a mortgage — and yeah — all online — no human to talk to. I hate it. Business should be done between two people and a handshake ought to seal the deal — but — sigh — those days are gone forever.


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