Chillin’ Through the Weekend

It’s Sunday evening at the end of a perfectly relaxing weekend and life is good.  I’m not on a rant, in fact I haven’t done much thinking all weekend long.  And I haven’t watched the news for a few days — that always helps my mood.  Chilling is a good thing.

The temps have been over 100º and there’s not much moving around in the RV park.  Seems most everyone that’s here is hiding out INSIDE.  We only had a handful of folks at the pool either Saturday or today.  It must be too hot even to make the trip over to the cooling waters.

Except for us.  We’re still enjoying our hour a day (plus or minus) on most days.  Might as well.

I wrote the other day about the birds at/near the birding center being fewer in number.  Actually, there aren’t as many birds around anywhere.  Even they must be looking for cooler places to hang out.  The Boattail Grackles and Mockingbirds and doves and most of the others are just … missing.

I’m sure they’ll be back but we’ll wait to see when.

There’s a new educational center for illegal immigrant children nearby.  We’ve noticed that since construction of that facility we have fewer hawks and owls in the neighborhood.  The result has been an increase in the population of rabbits. Rabbits are ok, but I hope the raptors return. Hasenpfeffer anyone?



4 thoughts on “Chillin’ Through the Weekend

  1. Oh how I envy your chillin’ weekend even if it is mighty hot. I had 2 days off the entire month of July. After tomorrow night’s wedding I get 3 whole days in a row without having to think about work. Hope I can remember what to do with free time.Maybe I’ll go to Jericho Beach and watch rabbits navigate blackberry brambles that encroach upon fringes of sand. Sigh.

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    1. There are so many ways I empathize with where you are right now. I might not have been in the hospitality business but I was a workaholic in many ways. On the job no later than 5, still working at 6 or 7 in the evening and not really caring about breaks or meals — just trudging through .

      Hey — watching rabbits navigate blackberry brambles sounds like a lot of fun. Not sure if this old brain would start trying to remember the stories of some of those old Uncle Remus’ tales which now are so out-of-fashion, but which like most of the kids my age we heard over and over again. Cannot hear the word BRAMBLE without thinking of Brer Rabbit. sigh. How the world has changed in so many ways.


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