A little color

Best laid plans of mice and men….

Just because the husband wanted to plant drought tolerant plans doesn’t mean that the wife doesn’t have her own ideas. 😉  😀  🤑  We’ve been visiting the local garden stores again….

Our little plot will never look like this but it’s nice to dream…. 🙂

Those three plants that succumbed to the environment during our absence are being replaced with 6 others.  I believe I mentioned that all three of them had been showing signs of distress before we headed north, and our neighbor was kind enough to put our soaker hose on to keep everything alive and prospering but the conditions here just were not what those three plants needed — they were all of the same species and this was not the right place for them.

With a few bare spots in the plot it made sense to fill it in a bit.  And being Northerners by instinct I think we both needed a little color, so Peg went looking for annuals to supplement the perennials that are already in the ground.

At present I’m waiting for her to put HER new babies in the ground.  🙂 I’ll send along photos once they’re in.

We aren’t really USING a garden planning tool, but we’re having fun with our little plot of land!  I have been surprised to see Rudbeckias and Echinaceas in the garden centers here.  However, I see them being sold as annuals in zone 10 so I’m thinking they may not do as well here as they did in Wisconsin.

growing nicely.JPG


4 thoughts on “A little color

  1. If you want a colourful drought resistant plant I’ll send you some wild sweet pea seeds.They can survive anything, bloom all summer long, don’t mind if you ask them to climb, creep or stay put. You can forget about them without remorse, knowing they’ll always come knocking the next spring. I’ll send you a photo tomorrow. 🙂


      1. I’d say it was worth a try. Wish I knew their proper name,all I can say is we haven’t had a drop of rain in a month and they’re blooming like there’s no tomorrow. 🙂


      2. I think we are up to about 70 days without rain right now. We thought we might have some yesterday — the sky was horrible dark to the north and if we had been in Wisconsin we surely would have gotten drenched — storms there and where you are can be 100-200 miles wide — there they all seem to be extremely localized so we ultimately got nothing.

        2 days ago we had rain in the forecast for the next 10 days straight. Today we have rain in the forecast for perhaps 2 days and the other 8 are dry — again. Forecasts here change hourly. Without exaggeration.


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