Back in Texas

Obviously, we are back in Texas. Another couple days drive (at the rate we choose to travel on this trip) and we’ll be home.

 An update on the mounting disk for our GPS:  it turns out that even in the summer heat it takes more than overnight for the silicone sealer I used to cure! About 2 hours into the drive the GPS fell ofF the dashboard again. I disconnected the suction cup mount, placed the dIsk back on the dash to curand resorted to the Subaru Navigation system for the rest of the day’s route. We made out Ok.

I will probably leave that disk alone until after we are back to Los Fresnos. The locale is more familiar here and I can muddle along with the in-car system. There are some oddities that are ill-explained, like what is an ECO-ROUTE? It seems to take you THROUGH congested locales — which seems to me to be the opposite of eco-friendly (slow stop and start compared to steady high speed movement).

A slight regression in our story if you dont mind. I have been thinking about just how FLAT northeastern Arkansas is. Arkansas has never been high on our must-see list and each trip through I find something new to capture my imagination. There are a lot of irrigated acres there. I know there’s a lot of cotton grown in this region; we have seen the crops being harvested on other occasions. I guess I’m easily amused because it’s takes quite an effort to get a field THAT flat— specialized graders are used — and I marvel at the way they pump water to just the places it’s most needed.

If you remember the Texas Regional map I shared a while ago, well we are in the Piney Woods at the moment. Of all Texas this area FEELS the most like what I think of as “home” — alas it’s not where our trailer is!  Still, it’s always a pleasant drive through.

Another quick report on the car just to say that a long day’s drive is much easier in this car than in the Honda. We were fussy not only about getting more comfortable seats, but also about how “tall’ those seats sat, and how high the vehicle sits off the ground. Our daughter owns a Honda Accord (i think). We rode with her over the weekend and the seating in that car is low to the ground and the roof line is low as well.  We “duck” to get in. I’m happy that the Outback’s doors are wide and high enough on a higher than the Accord platform to begin with. BEcause it’s designed for mixedon/off road use the ground clearance is raised and that makes entrance and exit much easier too. With the body not being quite as flexible and my back a little wonky I’m loving the ability to put in a day behind the wheel without pain.

We overnighted in Nacogdoches again. I’m liking this as a stopover location even if the distance isn’t optimal. We four a cut little Mediterranean Resto las night called Zoukie’s.  With hummus and babganoush and Keflavik and dolmades it was a lovely taste of culture and excitement. I’d go again for sure. The only problem is that pretty much al Med food is high in garlic and I don’t tolerate that very well. Still a bad night is a small price to pay fir really fine food.

Today we traverse Houston and end up a short-ish drive away in Victoria. TOmorrow we have only 200+ miles to finish our trip and we are just enjoying the pace.


3 thoughts on “Back in Texas

    1. I have used a dollop of silicone in place of the adhesive on the mounting disk in the past with good result. Not sure if it will work in this car. Then again, this car presents new challenges. Their safety system wants the center windshield to be unobstructed so we could be forced to resort to a smaller GPS unit mounted in the bottom left corner as I’ve seen some drivers do. That would actually be easier for me — being left handed. But. we’ll see. :-\


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