You’ve Been Summoned!

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men…

I’ll admit that somewhere along the way from being homeowners to RV’ers and now split location dwellers that I forgot about Jury Duty. And two days after we left Mikwaukee for Texas I received in the mail one of those white franked envelopes that always spell diasaster for personal plans. Boy! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been called for jury duty. And I’ve never sat on a jury; just gone down and fulfiled my hours of sitting in the jury pool room.

Since my last experience they made it a lot easier to submit the supplemental questionnaire (online) and also to request a deferral (also online). I’ll hear back from them,but I expect that when we are in Milwaukee for doctor’s visits that I’ll fulfill that duty.

Jury duty isn’t something that happens often. The questionnaire says if you have been called in under 4 years you can be excused. Nevertheless it points out one of the complications of multiple location living. There can be demands on you from multiple locales.


7 thoughts on “You’ve Been Summoned!

  1. Once you pay utility bills year round in Texas, isn’t Los Fresnos going to claim you as a citizen? Just curious and thinking out loud. I’m not really sure how that works, once you become stationary.


    1. We have real estate taxes to pay here regardless of how long we reside here. If we were permanent and had TX driver’s licenses we could claim homesteaders status and get a lower tax bill. Everyone who owns a mobile home has SOME utility bill year round; one daren’t leave the mobile home without circulating air, or dehumidifying or something — so simply drawing on the utility means nothing.


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    2. I should add, that we just sold the coach we had been full timing in at the beginning of June – so if there is a “clock” to be dealt with it begins at that point. And we will have been back to MKE several times along the way for that 181 day clock.

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  2. I guess I’m lucky. I have never been summoned for jury duty. At age 70 I’m unlikely to be called now but, if I was, I’m pretty sure I’d be medically excused. So that’s one experience I’m not likely to have first hand. Neither has my husband. I know my Mom served once but I don’t remember my Dad ever serving either. With so many people to choose from I wonder why you got called twice?


    1. Peg has been called once.

      Our daughter has been called and served on juries several times.

      I’ve been called once before and excused after serving in the jury pool for only one of the required three days — weather related.

      We’ll see what happens this time.



  3. I served once on a jury and enjoyed the experience. Every time after that they passed me over. I finally reached the age where I could say no, so that’s what I do. Physically I don’t think I could handle it anymore.


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