Bay Beach Wildlife Refuge

ShWhile we were in Brown County we checked out the Bay Beach Wildlife Refuge. This 600 acre city operated refuge was just the ticket for a day when we weren’t feeling very energetic.

The refuge exists not only for migratory &a resident birds, they also take in injured animals from the public. There are cages with raptors and other birds of size that have been injured and are incapable of surviving in the wild. The “big thing” for little kids is the chance to feed some of the critters.  I think they sell an awful lot of dried corn!

In addition to the trails and the live animals, there’s a very nice Nature Center with interpretive displays. I’m not always keen on ‘museums’ and ‘nature centers’ but this one in a relatively small community impressed me!

WE heard more birds than we saw…surprise, surprise! And we saw a small pod of American Pelicans. It seems the past few years they have become our favorite bird,just something about them that speaks to our current frame of mind. All I had was my iPhone and the ‘pellies ‘ were too far away to photograph.

If you noticed; I’ve been shorn! Between the heat back home in Texas and the need for a new DMV photo I reverted to a crew cut for the foreseeable future!

That reference to the DMV was the other part of our trip. It was time for our ten year driver’s license renewal and photo. Both of us came due this year so we got them done on this trip. I decided to surrender my commercial driver’s license this time. It felt weird ticking off the boxes for all the letters on my license I was giving up,but I feel good about saying I don’t want to be driving those kind of vehicles! So, A, B, C, M, P, S … bye bye.  IT’s been good to know ya!


2 thoughts on “Bay Beach Wildlife Refuge

  1. The haircut looks good on you, Peter! Very nice.

    Have the Eurasian Collared Doves found their way to Wisconsin yet? There are boatloads of them here in Oregon, just like there were in Florida. It’s interesting how they invaded the US.


    1. I see the doves in TX but have not been noticing them in WI — but we didn’t have a lot of time to really look around WI it was such a quick trip and I had my mind on other things, even when I THOUGHT I was relaxing. Kind of a stressful trip this last one for some reason.


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