No turning back…

A valuable commodity for the RV’er is a flat-towable car. Well, after 14 years with our old reliable CR-V we decided to make the irreversible decision to trade off our flat towable buggy and replace her with something a bit more comfortable (never buy the ‘base model’ CR-V as we did!). She was a good reliable car, but her days have ended. AND… by buying the car we have, we turned our back on the idea of returning to the RV lifestyle.

The trip to Milwaukee was as much about finding a car equipped for winter driving as to do ‘fun things’. We had already bought the car — online — so it was really about picking it up & and the seemingly endless paperwork that goes with the transaction. The dealer was nice; the car was as advertised (although there’s a story about that); the transaction as painless as buying a car has ever been — and I hate buying cars

Our new buggy

When I was younger I always thought of Subaru owners as a bunch of tree-hugging hippies; maybe I’ve become more of one as I age? At any event, it’s where we ended up.  Theinternal size is similar to the CR-V, it sits high like a CR-V, I’m over cars that sit so low they are hard to get into or out of!

Subaru’s horizontal engine

Seeing as I like thing that are just a little bit different, the Subaru horizontal engine is sort of up my alley – but mostly I wanted a  reliable car, which we hope this will be.

I have often joked about the fact that I am a law abiding citizen because I have to be; cops seem to sniff me out at the slightest possibility of wrongdoing. Once I was literally,  in the middle of Wyoming, miles from any town, on I-80, at 2:00 a.m. In my semi. A driver in the oncoming lane shouted at me on the CB radio to tell me I had JUSt burnt out a headlight, and no more than 60 seconds later there was a Highway Patrol car behind me with flashing lights!

So, it was not in the least but surprising that we were on our way to our daughter’s house in the new car she a cop behind me turned on his flashy lights and pulled me over. He was a suburban city cop and I knew I had not been speeding, and I was driving straight and level after pulling away from a stoplight. WTF?

It turns out he had run our plates and the DMV came up with a blue CR-V, not a white Subaru!  Evidently it takes longer than 90 minutes for the Wisconsin DMV to populate their servers with updated registration info. I handed the cop the temporary registration, my license, and twiddled my thumbs until he was satisfied that I wasn’t a car thief! Sheesh!  If it’s going to happen to anyone it will happen to me.

I’ve put on a couple hundred miles already and it will be easy getting used to 33 mpg, which was my mileage for that first few miles.

For anyone interested, the new CVT does an amazing job of keeping the engine at 2000 rpm. At that speed the engine develops full torque without developing full horsepower. Horsepower always costs more fuel. Torque doesn’t necessarily, and the twisting power of torque is what holds your speed up and down the hills on the highway. So far: satisfied.

(First full tank of gas: 33 mpg)


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