Milwaukee Again

A few years ago Milwaukee came out with a short term slogan: Milwaukee, a great place one greatlake. I always liked that expression, and I was surprisedto see that the logo has all but disappeared. Still, great or not, that’s where we are!

We’ll have a little time to meet up with friends, get a little business taken care of and enjoy the weather here.

Yes! I did say “enjoy the weather here”.  We have been open all along about the idea that S Texas is an experiment for us. We love the winters; we had no idea whether we could tolerate the summers; and it is indisputable that the air is nowhere near as heavy & humid uphere as it is in S. Texas!

We haven’t made any decisions or changes about residence — we are still taking our options under advisement. That includes looking at all the options realistically, without building in a bias. And I have always loved: Wisconsin summers; the clear air and skies in WI; and green & gardens. I have to say that one thing I miss from our time in WI are the abundance of gardens & flowers. S. Texas simply is not nearly as naturally colorful in that way.

A good way to spend a little time in the summer in the state is to spend it in Door County. While we are waiting for a couple appointments we took a drive 2+ hours North to spend time with vacationers there.

IT does get a bit touristy this time of year, but The reason for popularity is clear: Momma Nature & shopping! Wisconsinites like to complain that there are too many Flatlanders (Illinoisans) here, but I don’t mind.

We were happy doing not a lot more than unwinding between long drives to and from Wisconsin; enjoying the sights, food, and gardens. We’ll have a full schedule at the end of the week, so 2 days of lazing about are well earned. From walking/hiking, to fishing & boating the visitors do seem to get into relaxation mode.

We spent some time in Green Bay as well. This is an area I used to travel commercially when I was Dealer Development Manager for the Detroit Diesel distributor, so there are a few secret hiding places that mean something to me, which probably no one else would care about. It was a pleasant couple days.


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