Day 3

Oklahoma City to Bethany, MO.: a long-ish day of about 430 miles but interesting enough.
We have had an Illinois Tollway iPass for a number of years. We got it when we lived in WI but were traveling to Ohio a lot. You don’t need to live in the state to make a toll pass pay for itself. We have not travelled the Oklahoma pikes or Kansas toll roads in a long time, and we have avoided the Texas toll roads completely. Still, I’m all in favor of simplifying my life and not paying cash except when necessary. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Kansas K-Tag is good in Kansas, Oklahoma & Texas! 

Would it pay for us to have a pass that covered all three states? Well, the federal mandate that all toll systems accommodate each other’s protocols seems to have gotten bogged down in bureaucratic junk. It’s already behind the declared completion date with little hope of completion, so it might be worthwhile to take action on our own.

Part of our goal for the day was to stop at The Kansas Turnpike Authority office inWichita. It turns out that a tag for KS is free. You set up a draw on your bank so that monthly the toll authority can bill you for the previous month’s travel. No travel, no bill. Supplying your license plate number will assure that if your tag does not scan that you aren’t fined for non-payment. And no surcharge for mail payments!

The tag system uses a tiny chip in the tag, as compared to the transponders in the iPass system. The disadvantage is that you can’t move the ‘tag’ to another car; you can either get multiple tags or pay $25.00 for a movable ‘card’. If you’re planning on changing cars you do well to consider your options.

On that wavelength I just realized that I had forgotten to remove Serendipity from our Illinois account! Now taken care of; but with the tag system it would be easy to forget to remove a tag and easy to end up paying someone else’s tolls!

It’s something to consider!

It’s possible we may return to Kansas City later this year so we opted to circumnavigate the big city this trip. Instead we took in Atchison, and St Joseph MO instead. Not a bad day. Temps are gradually coolin g as we work our way North. I may actually feel sub 70 degree temps tomorrow!

A lot of pretty flat terrain today too


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