Day 4

Day four: from Bethany MO to Minneapolis! The shortest drive of the trip. And the one day where we are back in reasonably familiar territory! I have to admit that it’s lovely seeing ‘real trees’ again.

I always knew Minneapolis was a bit quirky; how about garden worms for yard art!

It’s our first visit with the newly married grand-daughter in their new home. Katy will be there too. So we’ll have a mini-family, family reunion!


That really is the name of the place

After a quick breakfast at Toot-Toot in Bethany we made our way to the Twin Cities. Another lovely day to drive and slightly cooler temps too.

Katy was joining us and she had something to return to IKEA, so we arranged to meet there while we waited for the end of the work day and the arrival of the young folks back home after work.

A few hours to catch up on family gossip and plans, a successful return, and a few laps around the store and we were properly refreshed and exercised after four days in the car.

Like many US cities there’s a bunch of road construction going on. The road we drove in on was to be shut down twelve hours later — knowing about road construction is a good thing. I only wish our rand McNally GPS was a little easier to update. I did so before leaving but this is our first trip with only an iPad and I just realized that my GPS only updates off a laptop! SomethinG to Think about in The future!

Mel & DRew’s new home is anything but new! Built around 1905 it suits them to a ‘t’, as they are both into thing old, reused, and recycled! They are in a lovely older neighborhood with a nicely diverse group of block members. WE took the grand tour; now when we hear stories about their life together we’ll be able to visualize what we’re hearing.

The evening ended with dinner, conversation, and a game of Ticket to Ride, aboard game which we never played before and quickly learned that when you haven’t mastered the rules of the game you can be dangerous to yourself and other players. Still, we all laughed and had a grand time.


2 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Oh man, can you tuck me in your road trip pocket? Yours looks and sounds perfect. Sigh.
    Opened my laptop tonight for the first time in 4 days, busy doesn’t scratch the surface reality of my summer.I look like death warmed over! Last night a party for Vancouver Port Authority (concluding with a metal gate falling off its hinges and pinning me against a work van ) Today a conference at the university, tomorrow a corporate BBQ for 500, Saturday a wedding, and so on and so on for the foreseeable future. I’m so jealous of you right now! 🙂


    1. You’re more than welcome to hitchhike with us!

      I remember those days of hecticity and I don’t miss them one bit.

      The part about the gate falling doesn’t sound good though…. you take care o’ yourself girl!



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