Day 2

The first day under our belt, the next two will each be a little longer so that we arrive at our destination sometime Friday.   

We stayed off the Interstate until Waco.  We skirted the boundary between Texas Hill Country and the Lakes and Prairie regions, so we had a nice mixture of scenery.   

Of all the places in the U.S. that I have been Fort Worth is not one that I’ve spent much time in or around so the drive through/around wasn’t entirely unpleasant.  It’s interesting to see new places and Peg hasn’t ever been here at all.  We had no interest in snooping around — just in getting past it!

Scenery South of Fort Worth

We’ve been generally fortunate about road construction but our luck caught up with us today and we waited in traffic several times.  But all worked out well.

Once we entered Oklahoma we saw several “Scenic View” pull overs on I-35. Imagine our surprise when the view turned out to be nice, but hardly different from what was visible from the road!

Still, it was a pleasant drive. We finished up the day in Oklahoma City. 430 miles for the day and we were settled in by 4:00.

Tomorrow will be much the same with us skirting around Kansas City!


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