July 10, 2017

Is there nothing you can’t buy online?  I’ve been toying around with the new car idea and it’s amazing how many people seem to buy a car ONLINE!

I don’t know about you but the process of car buying is something I have never enjoyed.  I’ve bought cars on good days, I’ve bought cars on bad days.  I bought on car on the last day of the year, in the middle of a snow storm and took it home in temps dropping to -24ºF.

Maybe it’s just salesmen I don’t care for.  But there used to be this “make them wait” and “intimidate them by the process” thing going on.  The salesman would leave the buyer in a small room while he went “to talk with the sales manager”, or to talk to the “used car manager” and they’d keep you waiting and make you think there was some reason why they couldn’t accept your offer for the car.

Of course nowadays there’s less dickering around on pricing.  So many dealer have gone to no haggle pricing and cars are more like the commodities that they are.  With the internet you can shop any dealer in the country and you don’t have to walk in the door so they don’t have your body to play games with.

Still it’s a big purchase to make online. I don’t know how I feel about it. We’ll see.

We are going to head North for a quick visit with family and to get some business done.  Before I leave I want to treat the soil in our new raised bed.  I’ve never used a pre-emergent weed killer before.  I know farmers use the stuff, and a lot of gardeners do too.

Usually, I struggle with weeds. Peggy reminded me that everywhere we have lived I have done significant landscaping projects. This is the smallest, having brought in only 3-4 yards of dirt.  But I’ve done projects where we used between 10 and 40 yards of dirts and I was outside shoveling and wheelbarrowing for days.  (Before there were rentable skid-steers and bobcats)  I have always enjoyed the big part of landscaping; but the little parts of it have left me uninspired.  And because in the old days I had to move so much dirt by hand by the time I got it all in place I was “over” the project and wanted to forget about it for a while — thinking I meant for a few days when in fact it turned out to be a couple weeks and by the time I got back to it the weeds had taken root and I had an entirely different problem to deal with.

So, I guess this morning I should get in the car, drive over to Wally World and buy a jug of weed preventer!  That’s a lot easier than buying a car! 🙂 And more my speed on a Sunday morning!



4 thoughts on “July 10, 2017

  1. I understand your weed problem. I was gone for two weeks and the weeds completely took over my garden. One small shrub grew to be a giant 10 foot shrub that obscured the front of the house.

    After more than eight hours work, the shrubs have been trimmed to nice multi-trunk trees and the rest of the landscape is about half weeded. I hesitate to use weed killers because Florida already is a major chemical polluter with its fertilizer and bug treatments.

    And buying cars online…Rick’s latest project car, a 1970 Grand Prix was purchased out of state and on line, though he did communicate both by email and phone before purchase.


    1. I am amazed at how well the treatment with PREEN did. I returned to almost bare soil where I had not planted! I have never used pre-emergent herbicides before but our neighbor recommended it and WoW is all I can say. No damage to the lavenders or rosemarys….

      I do not normally used insecticides — heck, I don’t even use OFF or any of the personal anti-bug sprays. But with us being gone for so long at a critical time I bent my personal rule. The container will probably go beyond use-by date now. Don’t know if would retreat next spring or not…. have to think about that. But then this has been a squirrelly year. We have done 3 trips to MKE and we have one more for sure to come — not our normal. And we are rethinking Texas. It has been an interesting experiment and there are things we really like down here — but the air is so heavy and so hot — not sure if I would rather bundle up for the cold. Time will tell.



  2. I laugh at the rentable Bobcat. I am dangerous with one of those. All of the levers are in the wrong place. 😜

    I bought my truck somewhat sight unseen. I had the dealer bring it in from Texas to Michigan. He said I could back out of the deal if I didn’t like it, but it still felt like I had already made the deal when I told him to bring it in. Luckily, it was everything I had hoped it would be.


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