Change of Direction

I love dog parks.  I rarely get to them;  we haven’t had a dog in a number of years, but that doesn’t mean that I am immune to the sight of doggies having a great time and interacting with each other.  Some years ago I was in San Diego and I stopped at an oceanside dog park where I captured this shot.

San Diego Dog Park

Right at the moment I feel rather like this dog.  We’ve been chasing along in one direction when something desirable caught our attention and quite abruptly we have decided to go off in pursuit of a new, shiny, pastime.  This particular dog never missed a step.  His body was going full speed in on direction when he saw the ball and in less time than it takes to blink he had a new goal in life — to get that ball — and get it he did!

I sometimes wonder why people are so ill-inclined to change directions in life — as if they weren’t able to make the change.  And yet the way our bodies are made gives us great ability to instantly change direction and it’s not just our bodies that are adaptable — our brains are too. All we have to do is give them a chance.

There is a learning style called “Kinesthetic learning” — and it’s basically learning by doing.  RV’ers are generally great Kinesthetic learners!  Or “do-ers” as the term is applied to Kinesthetic learners.  We have to be because there’s no “school” we can our could have gone to that teaches you everything you ever need to know about living the RV lifestyle.  But it’s not just RV’ers who can benefit from cutting loose from their established ideas of how to live and set off on some — any — new and different pathway.  We can all do it — if only we have the motivation, the reason, the hunger to see it through.

We are sort of midstream in several changes of direction.  I never could have imagined when I named this blog that we’d be on quite as unpredictable a path as Life Unscripted has turned out to be.  And it’s been fun, each and every minute of it … well, except for the time when we were selling our RV — that was annoyingly tedious!

One thing is sure; we’ve proved it by living it:  each time you try something new the next time gets easier.

I may not run heater-skelter like the dog in the photo, but there are plenty of times when my legs are going one way and my eyes are going another — when I haven’t yet stopped my pursuit of an old goal while I was already planning out a new one.  But just like that dog at the park.  I’m going to chase that ball!


8 thoughts on “Change of Direction

  1. I love the photo. it’s a terrific shot! I’m thinking about borrowing it for a Writer’s Club meeting to give them an exercise in description. This month is about showing versus telling. That is a great shot to see if they learned the difference. ~ Connie


  2. Like you, my life has room for flexibility and change. I like it that way…it’s always sure to be interesting in one way or another.


    1. I loved your posting about your recent trip. France is one of my all time favorite destinations. If I could afford to live there I would and I’d even learn more French to do so! 🙂



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