Butchart Gardens

We’ve been all over the U.S. and Canada both before and during our RV journeys. Now that things are settling down in our life I think I’ll post memories from some of those trips.


The Pond at Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens is a place I’d heard about time and time again from my parents.  We had opportunity to do this particular roadtrip before we retired taking in Jasper, Banff, and Victoria Island among other places.

Butchart Gardens

Victoria Island is in a particularly special place on this planet.  On the Japan Current it benefits from an outstanding climate for a lush and pristine botanical garden.

The reason I heard so much about Butchart Gardens was that my dad was stationed in Port Angeles during WWII on a coastal defense station.  Mom, who had been proposed to on Pearl Harbor Day — the original one — and married to my dad that very Christmas Day followed my dad around the country as the U.S. Army moved him from place to place during the war.  But, among the places he was stationed and they lived Port Angeles was the fondest memory they had.  And somehow they managed to visit the gardens whilst there.  For them it was rather like a honeymoon trip — a few years late.

For Peggy and I, we’d been married 30 some years before we had a chance to take in the gardens.  I’d been to the West Coast numerous times but never with her on a pleasure trip.  It was a special trip for us as well.  How can that be, that it should become a special place for us because my parents liked it?  I don’t know, but it happened that way.

When I think of a “garden” — this is what comes to mind.  And it’s without apology that I admit South Texas gardens leave a lot to be desired (in my ‘umble opinion).  I miss the GREEN of the Northern Climes.  😀  We are a few months into our S. Texas experiment and as yet I have no idea how successful it is.  There are some things we love, and some things we don’t — just like any life experiment.  We know there is no Utopia; we aren’t searching for the one perfect place.  And we don’t yet know if Texas will be long term or not.  What we do know however, is that we still love green! 


3 thoughts on “Butchart Gardens

  1. I saw Butchart Gardens in your title and nearly fell out of my chair. A familiar name so close to home yet void of personal attachment. Don’t get me wrong, I love gardens, Butchart is nice but not my garden of choice. Got me thinking about why my children wanted to visit certain places and knew instantly it was because we loved them. Perhaps that will be our legacy and nothing could make me happier. 🙂


    1. I agree about children loving the things their parents loved. I think that is often the case when there is any kind of relationship at all with one’s parents. Sometimes not when the relationship sucks, but still, we carry the strangest things forward.

      I’m struggling with a new iPad and a continuing issue with keyboards on my laptop so you may see a few shorter posts in the next little bit while we disappear on another roadtrip and I struggle with a tiny keyboard. I hope to get the laptop fixed in SEPT when the parts are available from APPLE —long story there.

      When I look through my memories and reflect on the ones that are dearest to me I’m amazed at how few are in any consistent place. We have traveled a lot in our life together and so they are all over the board — but always with some family member. Nowadays mostly memories of places have been with Peggy and Katy, but almost always because of family. >

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