A little color

Best laid plans of mice and men…. Just because the husband wanted to plant drought tolerant plans doesn’t mean that … More

Under Construction

The sounds of nail guns and saws hang in the air here at Palmdale.  The owner’s rehabbing of the facilities … More

Ho Hum

We’re home. We’re well.  And we don’t have to go anywhere!  Boy, does that feel good. Once in a while … More

Home Again

It’s Sunday morning and we’ve been home for 50 some hours.  Yesterday wasn’t good for much more than resting, although … More

Back in Texas

Obviously, we are back in Texas. Another couple days drive (at the rate we choose to travel on this trip) … More

You’ve Been Summoned!

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men… I’ll admit that somewhere along the way from being homeowners to … More

Return Trips

Return trips always seem to be a different sort of experience than outbound trips. No matter where you might be … More

No turning back…

A valuable commodity for the RV’er is a flat-towable car. Well, after 14 years with our old reliable CR-V we … More

Milwaukee Again

A few years ago Milwaukee came out with a short term slogan: Milwaukee, a great place one greatlake. I always … More

Day 3

Oklahoma City to Bethany, MO.: a long-ish day of about 430 miles but interesting enough. We have had an Illinois … More

Day 4

Day four: from Bethany MO to Minneapolis! The shortest drive of the trip. And the one day where we are … More

Day 2

The first day under our belt, the next two will each be a little longer so that we arrive at … More

Road Trip!

We’re off once more!  Can’t keep a good man down!  It’s a bit of a spontaneous trip and we’ll serve … More

Get yours now!

The lifetime Senior Pass is about to get a lot more expensive !  The deal of the century has been … More

July 10, 2017

Is there nothing you can’t buy online?  I’ve been toying around with the new car idea and it’s amazing how … More

Change of Direction

I love dog parks.  I rarely get to them;  we haven’t had a dog in a number of years, but … More


It’s been a couple weeks after returning from our getaway to Blanco & San Antonio and I’m motivated to right … More

The Career Challenge

When I graduated from school it was possible to enter the work force, work for one company your entire career, … More

Just the Right Size

I’ve made several trips to England & Europe; some of them just for photo opportunities.  There are so many chances … More

Butchart Gardens

We’ve been all over the U.S. and Canada both before and during our RV journeys. Now that things are settling … More