Three times in one day

Oh, dear!  Either I LOOK older than I think or I better start acting my age, or something.  Yesterday I had a first-time experience — and I repeated it three times in one day!

We finally made contact with the chap about dirt for our raised bed in front of the house — turns out he was on “vacation” — which means he went to a house he bought in Mission and he was building a carport to keep the family car out of the weather (in this case meaning hail).  I caught up with him and we arrange to have the dirt brought in sometime in the next few days.

Of course that meant that I had to actually get that raised bed built instead of just talking about it.  So… off to the Home Depot store.

First of all I had rounded up all the small items for the bed… screws, brackets, etc. We had walked over to the lumber section and I was looking for a lumber cart.  An employee saw us looking and asked whether she could help.  I merely said I needed a cart for some 2 x 12’s.

“I’ll get someone to help you with that,” and off she went at a trot. A moment later she came back with a cart and a strapping young lad, “He’ll help you with your lumber” she said.  And indeed he did.  He’s at least 30 years younger than me and a lot stronger — I could see that!

A few sticks of wood later we had the cart loaded, a couple cuts made on the big Home Depot power saw, and I was out in the parking lot.  As I was lining up the cart with the rear door of the CR-V another young fellow pulled into the lot and parked right next to us.  He hopped out and asked if I needed help stowing the lumber in the car.  I was surprised, but hey, far be it from me to turn down a healthy offer of assistance.  The lad carefully assisted in putting the lumber in the car; wished me a blessed day, and off he went into the store to find plumbing parts to fix his girlfriend’s-boss’-plumbing.

Well, twice in one day.  I wasn’t sure if I was feeling good about the help, or bad about the apparent ’need’ of help by a decrepit old man…

So, fast forward to the RV Resort and I’m outside moving 2 x 12’s around like Paul Bunyan,  lift and tote, screw gun in one hand and a passel of screws in the other and what do you know, but a neighbor sees me working and stops his car alongside and asks…. “Do you need help?”

Ok — THREE TIMES in one day?  I mean I’m not that OLD!

A layer of landscape cloth in the bottom, and in a couple days we’ll have dirt to fill it up — then some sand and manure to enrich the soil — at least a little bit.

16 feet by 5 feet — it’s not huge but it’s enough for what we want to do, and it’s different from anything anyone else has done — and don-cha-know I like being different.

I’m glad for the friendly people.  It’s good to see empathy among your friends and neighbors.  It’s even better when you see empathy from complete strangers!

On the other side of the coin, I’m wondering if other people see something I don’t.  I know the doctor has me on weight restrictions — as to how much to lift and how crazy I should be with my exertions — but I didn’t think I looked that frail!

I hope to have the plants in the ground by the end of the week (fingers crossed).  Wish me luck



8 thoughts on “Three times in one day

  1. Maybe they all read your blog and know you are on restrictions. Which it sounds to me like you are overdoing it. So, maybe you do look like you need help.


    1. Linda, I’ll take that with a grain of salt.

      I’m pretty careful about working more slowly, about resting, and about doing things together with Peg.

      Then again, maybe I’m just starting to look like a shriveled up old man.

      Never can tell what’s going on in the mind of strangers (or even loved ones for that matter).



  2. The first time a sales clerk referred to me as “ma’am” I sulked for a week.The last time a bartender asked for ID (I was 38 ) I grinned for a week.It’s all too silly. The other day I heard a radio bit declaring you can tell how old a person is by double spacing between period ending one sentence and capital starting the next ( apparently millennials don’t double space between thoughts ) Wow!


    1. Uhhhhh…. Notes, the reason millennials don’t double space between thoughts is that they know the computer is smart enough to add extra space after a period. Of course, that’s assuming you punctuate. Which they don’t always do. As you well know.

      I find that having taken touch typing at age 15-ish that I still automatically double space after a period even when I’m consciously thinking about punctuation. Habits are hard to kill.

      I was never carded until I was about 55. Because the State required grocery stores to card and enter a b-day in the terminal sale to verify age.

      I guess I’ve ALWAYS looked older than my age…. sigh.


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