June 29, 2017

Yesterday I mentioned that it’s been a curious couple weeks, and it has…

Palmdale RV Resort has been busier than the picture painted by all the Winter Texans who told me what to expect during the season they aren’t around!  I know that sounds confusing but we had lots of comments about how quiet the park was going to be — from people who aren’t here during the time they were telling us about! The pipeline project has filled at least 25 sites with workers and workers families.  It’s a nice addition; not really any noisier; and it’s nice to see young folks in the park from time to time — even if some of the residents get irritated by kids doing what kids do.

Our neighbor on one side has sold — or technically is still selling — their house to another resident.  So our immediate surroundings will change a little. The new owners will have two dogs — they aren’t bark dogs but still, it will be a different mood.  Both old and new owners are from Missouri — we seem attracted to a lot of Missourians — maybe it’s genetic? 🙂

Construction on the bathrooms in the clubhouse has begun.  They’re saying three weeks to gut the old bathrooms and remodel them into ADA compliant replacement bathrooms.  That will be a wonderful change for those who need the ADA benefits.  In the past we haven’t had many folks here who needed the benefit but it’s a good change and perhaps we’ll attract guests we might not have had otherwise.

There are year-rounders coming and going.  One couple took off for 3 months, another just returned from a one month trip; even when you live in the lovely warm South there arises the need to go places and visit people.

My plants — still in pots — are mostly doing ok.  Our approach with the lavender plants was to search out varieties that would survive in the combination of heat/drought/humidity.  We bought a couple small plants each of several varieties; with the help of some Master Gardeners.  Quite to form the ones that are doing well are all from a couple varieties and the ones that have died, or are struggling are from other specific varieties.  When all of one kind die, you know it’s not just the individual plant being sick.  So, even though the plants are still quite small, when I finally get the raised beds in place I think the plants that remain may stand a decent chance of survival.



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