June, July, August Weather in Los Fresnos

Records for March-May 2017

One lesson we are learning is that weather service extrapolations from the stations in Brownsville and Harlingen for our weather here in Los Fresnos are consistently inaccurate.  Our temperature station is out of the sun and protected so as not to skew the readings, and we are always 5-7 degrees off from the extrapolated guesstimates of the forecasters. I have checked our thermometer against others and our readings are accurate for the location we have the station placed at.

Also — local forecasters are chiming on our realization a month or two ago that we are running in excess of 1/3 below our annual rainfall totals.  Heading into another drought year?  We’ll see.

Climate Data / Los Fresnos June, July, August 2017

June 21: High 104º; Low 82º

June 20: High 102º;  Low 79º

June 19: High 100º; Low 76º dry

June 15: High 98º; Low 78º dry

June 14: High 96º; Low 79º dry


June 6: High 97º; Low: 74º dry

June 5: High 103º; Low: 76º dry

June 4: High 102º; Low: 73º dry

June 3: High 99º; Low: 77º dry

June 2: High 100º; Low: 75º drops in the air, no  actual rain

June 1: High 99º; Low: 74º dry


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