A Family Visit Before Returning Home

San Antonio waved goodbye to us as we drove off into the rising sun Monday morning.  I was surprised after seeing how congested the city was Friday afternoon that our drive out of town during what ought to have been rush hour was as easy as it turned out to be! 

That doesn’t mean we love San Antonio traffic — I’ll chalk it up to an aberration! And once we got on the road Eastward we had enough clouds to keep the sun out of our eyes added to a very pleasant trip.

Along the way we stopped at the Katy Texas Camping World store.  I’ve been wanting to add a drinking water filter to our house — the same kind we had in the RV (Everpure) and Camping world had the best deal for an installation kit — and we were literally driving right past the store.

We’ve gotten accustomed to the water taste in Los Fresnos, but it’s not too expensive a solution to insure a little safer and tastier water supply.  Now all I have to do is to install it. 🙂

Also “right on our route” was the IKEA store where I’d already picked out the last bit of furniture for the house — a table to use in the office — so we popped in — and out with our purchase on the way to our destination.

It seems we’ve had the hardest time connecting with Peg’s Houston cousin.  The two women were best friends when growing up, have stayed in contact over the years and still giggle like school girls when they’re together and I’ve been wanting Peg to have a chance to spend some relaxed time with Diana; I’m glad things worked out this trip.

The Four of us, Todd, Diana, Peggy, Me

They are lovely people, Diana & Todd, gracious hosts, and they live in a little castle of a house — compared to our RV, or even to the house in Los Fresnos.  It’s more than I’d want to have to maintain — I’m really getting lazy in my older age — but we always have a wonderful time with them.  And…. Todd loves to eat, and talk about eating, and think about where to eat.  He and I are two peas in a pod in that regard.

Cousins replicating a photo from their teens

We had a nice chin-wag and the visit was over too quickly.  No stops along the way home; seven hours later we were back in the park, opening up the house and letting it cool off.

There are various takes on what you do, down here, when you leave the house for a few days.  Or for the season.  With the high humidity we have no one leaves their house completely closed up.  Some leave fans on – which is what we did this time.  Others leave their A/C on — our neighbors do that. The idea of a major appliance being left on with no one home is contrary to my psychological makeup — what if something happens when you’re gone?  I don’t know which I like better.  In our absence the highest temp our Min/Max thermometer recorded was 99.  When we returned home the interior temperature was 92º — which was cooler than the outdoor temp that day, and the house cooled off quite nicely in an hour or two (I wasn’t really paying attention to how long it took).  I’m not sure how soon we’ll be taking another trip — so depending on the season who knows what we’ll do?

Have a great day.  I’m going to veg out for a couple days I think.



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