After Two Years, Finally the Lavender Festival

I’ve been thinking about attending the Blanco Lavender Festival for two years.  We missed it in 2015.  We were in Florida in 2016.  This year we finally made it.

The first thing to realize is that this is a small town and when they throw a festival they generally expect 10-12,000 visitors in three days.  In that venue it seems like a full house, but it’s not like the original Woodstock or anything. 😀


A lovely Texas Live Oak at one of the farms!

By mid-afternoon the joint was jumping. There was street food, as well as food available at local restos.  There was beer, wine, and “Lavender Lizzies” (the event drink made with a lavender drink mix and sparkling wine). Porta-potties were available, as well as the usual emergency medical services.  The information booths (several) kept visitors well informed.  And the biggest problem was parking — but local residents set up lots and for $5.00 for the day you had safe parking.  We were early enough we found parking on the street within a block of the courthouse — that was fine by us.

Music was scheduled through the three days of the festival;  what we heard was quite nice — more than I expected in a little town in Texas and also more creative and unique. We were tempted to stay longer to hear more, but the old body would have liked a more comfortable place to sit, so we moved on.

In addition to the market place, the food, lectures, and music there were also two farms opened to visitors.  If anything this part of the festival was the weakest.  I’ve been to Provence where lavender farming is huge business. Farmers will work fields of hundreds of acres as well as dozens of acres.  Both of the farms opened to the public had lavender fields of less than 2 acres; one of the farms was a recent re-start of a farm that had gone fallow, where they planted their first lavender only 2 years ago.  That does not mean we didn’t see a lot and learn a lot, but it is not the huge “industry” you could expect from the hype. Still… would I return next year?  You bet.  It’s already on our calendar.


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