Big Cities Aren’t all Bad!

OK — I love to eat. And if there is one thing good about a road trip it’s the opportunity to test out a variety of restaurants.  Our day’s drive to San Antonio earlier today was uneventful — it’s flat, flat, flat country with not too bad traffic so there’s nothing much to say about the trip from Los Fresnos to San Antonio.

Ah, but once we arrived we had a whole world of choices before us.  Seafood and BBQ we can get in Los Fresnos, so our first choices would naturally run to something we haven’t had before, or a new place that haven’t tried yet.

I did a search on Trip Advisor for our favorite cuisines,  European (and Eastern European), Mediterranean, Moroccan, and a few others.  Push the button and soon we had a “world” of choices that we don’t get in the Rio Grande Valley.

I’m not sure how many other places we’ll try while we’re here.  Pasha Mediterranean Grill is so special we might have to return during this trip again — but we’ll see.  Suffice it to say that the food, the service, and the ambience were all as good as they get.  Although I usually go with Lebanese items — I just like the flavors — on this occasion I opted for the Greek Moussaka — and after reading the description Peggy ended up going along with the same choice.  It was outstanding.  As good as I’ve ever eaten before.

At our time in life we really don’t need appetizers.  But when I see tabbouleh on the menu I inevitably break down and order it.  Unfortunately we dug into both plates before I remembered to take a shot, but the portions were huge, the flavors nuanced and scrumptious.

Across the parking lot is a bakery/sweet shop. Mediterraneans must be born with a genetic sweet tooth.  With honey and nuts and other delights easily available in those native areas it’s not surprising that they have a lot more sweets than…. say… my ancestors from Poland.  We took the short walk across the lot and ended up with small samplings of three different treats — forgoing our original idea to stop off for a bottle of post-dinner wine.  OH Well.

Tomorrow we head to the San Antonio Botanic Gardens.  We’ll see if we can force ourselves to eat elsewhere.


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