I’m no fun

There was a time, in the early 190’s that I was walking through a factory (where I worked) and one of the other employees asked me what I was angry about.  The thing is, I wasn’t angry at all. I had a list of problems to get resolved; they were running in my head, and I was thinking through how I might solve them all the while I walked the half mile from my desk to the first person I needed to speak with. I was lost in thought and pondering problems; I wasn’t angry about any THING, much less upset with any PERSON.

You see, I’m a serious guy.  Always have been. I don’t know how to be different. In Junior High school (and even in grade school ) I would bring philosophy books home from the library, not mysteries.  I worked after school all the way through high school and never went to a single high school sports game — I wasn’t interested in sports.  I felt no loss.  I was perfectly happy.  I didn’t find amusement amusing. I wasn’t any fun; which is funny because I thought I was having a good time.

In college I didn’t go drinking with other students and I certainly didn’t have an affair with a professor or teaching assistant. I feel no loss about having missed out on anything.  And I am definitely not the guy who goes to a party and ends up drunk.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been drunk in my life — for the simple reason that I got drunk twice and I so disliked what a hangover felt like that I decided I wasn’t going to do that ever again.  And I haven’t.

Understandably, I didn’t make friends with people who did.  I’ve never minded that my friends circle was small.  The ones I had were real friends I could count on, not fake friends.

However, such a life gave me a distorted point of view.  I see the world differently than others most others.

Add to the above the fact that I am left-handed — meaning that I physically do things the opposite way from most people and there’s plenty of likelihood that I would take a divergent course through life.  Full Time RV’ing was one of those crazy ideas that Peg & I gave life to while others just think about doing something like that.

Where am I going with all this?

Simply to state that now that we are no longer full time RV’ing it’s inevitable that my blog will take a different tack.  As mentioned in my post RV’ers No More there were a lot of things to write about specifically related to where we were, what we were doing, how to get along as an RV’er in a non-RV world.  I’ll still touch on some of them as time goes on, and as my comments might be worthwhile (which is to say, not outdated).  But I’m not in that lifestyle now and our daily activities don’t revolved around the life and process of seeing the country as a full time migrant.

Long time readers will know that my posts of late have been all over the place, and that’s just the way it’s going to be.  I’ve never been bashful about saying what was on my mind, and nowadays I’m thinking about different things that I was for the last almost 6 years.  You’re welcome along for the ride — wherever we end up, and we will still be traveling — but the content will change, without a doubt.

Like a lot of people incensed over the November election I’m embarrassed by the current guy in the White House.  But I’m embarrassed just as much by the behavior of Congress.  So even though I’m neither registered Democrat nor registered Republican I’m sure I will be unable to completely stifle my thoughts about government.  I don’t think it’s a good thing EVER to normalize abnormal behavior.  And I suspect if the furor had not quieted down I would be a lot less likely to post.  If people had not gotten tired of talking about the bizarre behavior and self-inflicted problems in Washington I wouldn’t feel any need to comment myself.  The fact that the American public has normalized what is clearly ignorant, self-centered behavior to the degree that it has prompts me to say more than I should in a non-political blog — but I say again, this blog was never intended for public consumption, it’s my way of maintaining my sanity and reminding myself about the things important to me in life.

Next week we are taking a bit of a trip.  Blanco Texas is hosting it’s annual Lavender Festival.  I love lavender, I’m actually trying to grow some of it here (not in any big way, mind you) and so we’re off to see what we can see about lavender farms in S. Texas.

After that we’re going to visit a cousin of Peg’s — we aren’t sure WHERE the visit will take place: at her home or at a family cabin — but we’re looking forward to that.

We have some longterm plans in motion.

  • A new metal roof for the house
  • Replacing kitchen appliances
  • Replacing our CR-V
  • Time to update computer equipment again

and a few other things…. so there’s stuff coming down the pike but the pace will be slower than when we RV’d.

Life at this point is more routine than perhaps ever before.  We haven’t mastered “sleeping in” in the way many people know it — but I no longer awaken before 4 a.m. most nights.  I manage to sleep until the ripe old hour of 5:30 or 6:00 most days.  Anything later than that is rare if no unheard of.  I write for a couple hours, letters, blogging, miscellaneous stuff.  We try to get in a morning walk before breakfast. Breakfast often doesn’t come until 9 or 10.  We often watch one mystery during breakfast and after that we run errands if we have any.  After errands it’s time for an hour at the pool — rarely more than that — the pool was a major reason we bought the house here.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to be able to do, many of the off-season days we have a full sized pool entirely to ourselves at the time we spend there — others seem to come later in the day.  The rest of the afternoon is about projects and cooking because on our normal-two-meal-a-day routine that’s got to be done too.  And evenings, of course, are spend with some TV, some conversation, some projects etc.. And thus a normal day ends.

It’s a slower pace.  I don’t need to do travel research for shortly upcoming trips.  There aren’t as many of them.  I don’t need to search for volunteer gigs (for now).  It really has been eye-opening to realize the amount of time I now have available to do new and different things that I did when we were RV’ing.  Daily life was a much more conscious activity than it is now.  Perhaps that’s partly why I was ready to get off the road; perhaps I was tired of planning everything; ready to take it easy for a while.  And that’s the way it is now.

We’ve been through a spate of overcast days for a while.  Finally the last 4 or 5 have been nicely sunny, or mostly sunny.  The winds are really no different during this season than they are during the winter.  At almost always blows in South Texas.  The advantage is that this time of year the wind does a lot to modify the perception of heat.  We have been in daily highs over 90º – 100º since returning from Milwaukee and the breeze/wind makes those temps a lot easier to bear.  And A/C is a lifesaver.

That’s it for now. Talk to you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “I’m no fun

  1. Lavender is one of the easiest perennials to grow. Remember to prune it back in the fall, otherwise it gets cranky and acts out by returning the following spring with an all branch, no show attitude.Did you know lavender placed on your windowsill will keep scorpions out? 🙂


    1. Good comments all, Notes.

      We have grown lavender successfully in Wisconsin — but different cultivars. It took a few plants to find out what would over-winter successfully in Wisconsin and our challenge here will be the opposite — finding something that will over-summer. I had a nice chat with three master gardeners yesterday, and I discovered that humidity may be a bigger challenge to overcome than heat or drought. Hmmmm….

      But, it gives me something to think creatively about and to play around with and that’s all that I care about. 🙂 It’s not like I’m going to get enough harvested lavender to distill any essence. 😜😜😜


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