The summer’s turning out to be not so quiet

Everyone told us how quiet Palmdale RV Resort is during the summer.  Well, this summer it’s not quite as quiet as before.  With new roads and a vastly improved management the park is seeing new summer guests that a lot of parks would be envious of.

South Texas during the summer, if hot.  And as with many regions that have seasonal rv facilities our park is usually quite quiet.  There might be some 75 souls here during a normal summer but this year we are adding to our occupancy with workers and their families on the Liquified Natural Gas project going on here in the Rio Grande Valley and Brownsville in particular.

As is often the case with construction projects, some workers come and go in short order as their phase of the project starts and finishes.  Others are here for longer durations — being project coordinators and managers.  We’re seeing new residents of both sorts and it’s good to see! We’ve had a few interactions with them and it’s nice to see a few younger faces and children around once in a a while.

Besides — the more tenants we have the better it is for the park overall.  So, win-win.  Liquified Natural Gas is a wave of the future; the construction is a huge windfall for business in the area and it’s still a quiet park during the summer.  I love it.


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