Port Mansfield

A cloudy day gave us a good excuse to enjoy a drive through back country roads to Port Mansfield. It’s not a place we visit often.  I’m not a fisherman and Port Mansfield really exists for fisher people.  But it’s a pleasant drive from home, and it’s a chance to see the deer that call Port Mansfield home. 

There are only two routes from Los Fresnos.  One on US-77 and the other on state and farm-to-market roads.  We chose the latter because it gives an interesting view of the wind turbine farms as well as the local agriculture.

I find myself surprised every time we drive past a cotton field here.  I never thought much about growing cotton in Texas, but apparently they grow quite a bit.  There are other crops I have no idea what they might be.  Which doesn’t stop me from appreciating straight rows and crops doing quite nicely!

One of Port Mansfield’s claims to fame are the herds of deer that make their home in and around the P.M. residential area.  You can find them happily munching on grass, and this time of year they are most likely to be laying underneath one of the large shade tress quite content to watch traffic go by — very much unfazed by human activity.

There are ample boat docks — for long term storage, and for a day’s launch & recovery so the owners can spend some time fishing.  There’s a charter fleet here, a couple small restaurant/bars, and three bait shops. I’m not sure any of them qualify as a grocery store — the closest decent grocery is about 25 miles away.

Still, there are 6 or 7 RV parks — none of them LARGE, but they seem to have a steady customer base, and I’ll bet that as long as the fishing is good they always will!



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